Students Making a Right Turn (SMART)

  • SMART is a voluntary program for students who are expelled for 11 or more days. Students attend the program from 8am - 2pm.

    When a recommendation for expulsion is being appealed, the student will be in the PASS program, the program for short-term suspensions, until the school board makes a final decision.

    SMART Guidelines

    • SMART is closed campus and district rules apply.
    • Students do need to provide their own transportation. Bus tokens are available, if needed.

How does the SMART program meet my student's educational needs?

  • If a student is expelled for up to 20 days, the student's teachers supply the school work for the first 10 days. The SMART staff coordinates this work and provides academic assistance. For days 11-20, the student's teachers can either provide the work or provide the teaching objectives to be covered by the SMART staff. There is a certified teacher on staff in the SMART program to ensure that the objectives are being met.

    If a student is expelled for 21 days or more, then the student will enroll as a SMART student. This means that all of the students courses will be provided by the SMART program. The materials used by the SMART program can include traditional teacher-made lessons and/or correspondence work from one of the district's online vendors.

    The SMART staff will make every effort to work with the courses the student is either coming out of at his/her regular school, or courses he/she might enroll in upon returning to the regular school.

SMART Admission & SMART Steps, Enter & Exit

  • Click:  SMART Enter & Exit

    To schedule an admissions appointment, call:

    (907) 452-2000, x 11252



Services Provided

    • A structured, supervised setting for students during their expulsion.
    • Daily social skills and behavior education groups, if needed.
    • Individual sessions with an Intervention Specialist, as needed.
    • Individual academic instruction.
    • Career planning and decision making.
    • Information about community services for parents and students.
    • Transition plan for a student to return to school and assistance in completing re-admittance requirements into school.
    • Follow-up contact upon a student's return to school.
    • Behavior risk screenings.
Last Modified on September 19, 2018