Personalized Learning Articles & Research

    • Competency-Based Education: Supporting Personalized Learning 
      "This issue brief is the first in a series produced by the Center on Innovations in Learning's League of Innovators. The series will describe, discuss, and analyze policies and practices that enable personalization in education. The first issue overviews the complexities of implementing competency-based education, a component of personalization that has received growing attention."



    • From the Frontlines: Takeaways from the 2016 Blended and Personalized Learning Conference
      "Amidst calls to personalize learning and blend K-12 classrooms, all too often we stop short of specifics. When the Highlander Institute and the Clayton Christensen Institute came together last year to plan the 2016 Blended and Personalized Learning Conference, our goal was to organize an event that focused on the tactical and practical. We also wanted an event that put practitioners at the center of the conversation so as to ensure that practices in the field are keeping pace with blended and personalized learning rhetoric."


    • The Growing Diversity in Today's Classroom
      "The makeup of the U.S. K-12 public school student population has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Students today are more diverse across many categories, including linguistics, culture, geography, and socioeconomics. Even the most capable educator cannot meet this demand for personalization without appropriate support. In response, the system must shift to a fundamentally different model that supports a personalized learning approach that addresses the growing diversity."


    • Informing Progress: Insights on Personalized Learning Implementation and Effects
      "We collected data from schools in the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)'s Breakthrough School Models program. Our study seeks to describe the practices and strategies these schools used to implement personalized learning, understand some of the challenges and facilitators, and consider these alongside achievement findings to discern patterns that may be informative."


    • Proof points: Blended learning success in school districts (includes links to 12 case studies)
      "We teamed up with the Evergreen Education Group to publish 12 case studies of how traditional school districts improved student learning outcomes after implementing blended learning. Each short profile highlights key details in the district’s blended-learning strategy, the EdTech products used, and promising results in the form of test scores and graduation rates."


    • Research and the Promise of Personalized Learning
      "Effective classroom teachers have always personalized learning. But they have done so with limited structural supports, such as curriculum, pedagogy, tools, and resources specifically designed to support personalization. For the education community to bring personalized learning more systematically to many more learners, we need to leverage the research about how students learn so we can improve the accuracy and precision of personalization."
Last Modified on July 13, 2017