Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Boreal Sun Charter School provides K-8 students with a cross-curricular arts integrated program inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf Education.  State standards are met with significant attention given to the developmental model of the unfolding child as practiced in the Waldorf philosophy.

    Teachers at Boreal Sun Charter School strive to teach the whole child—the head, as well as the heart and hands—by cultivating each child’s innate creative, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social capacities.  Children experience core curriculum themes through multiple modalities enlivening their curiosity and desire to learn. 

    Community is the foundation upon which all work at Boreal Sun Charter School is built.  Our goal is to provide an environment where students, parents, and teachers will experience a strong sense of belonging and ownership through seasonal gatherings, school assemblies, quarterly parent evenings, volunteering, and the relationships that are built through the experience of looping with one teacher through grades 1-5, and 6-8. 

    Boreal Sun Charter School students spend their elementary years in our warm and nurturing environment.  Through the curriculum, students gain appreciation of the interconnectedness of all subjects and human beings.  As a result of this firm foundation of wholeness, Boreal Sun Charter School intends for students to graduate as confident, creative, independent-thinking individuals who are motivated by a love of learning to further their educational goals.

Last Modified on June 4, 2020