Counseling & Behavioral Health Services

    • Fairbanks Youth Advocates (Clearwater Counseling):
      Phone: (907) 457-6002
      Location: 122 10th Avenue Fairbanks, AK 99701
      • Offers counseling services to youth (as well as adults) for relationship/marriage, trauma, anger management, depression, and anxiety issues. It’s run by appointment from Mon-Thurs, 10am-6pm and Friday, 8am-12pm.

    • Family Centered Services of Alaska:
      Phone: (907) 474-0890
      Location: 1825 Marika Road Fairbanks, AK 99709
      • Provides Mental Health and Behavioral Health services through both out-patient and residential programs

    • LEAP:
      Phone: (907) 452-2473
      : 600 University Ave #3
      • LEAP is a counseling service geared towards at-home domestic violence cases. They offer counseling to adult men and women who are either being domestically abused or are the abusers. They also offer counseling services to children who are victim to domestic abuse.

    • Stevie’s Place at Resource Center for Parents and Children:
      Phone:  (907) 374-2850
      Location: 726 26th Ave, Ste 2
      • Stevie’s place is a conglomerate of the Resource Center for Parents and Children (RCPC) and provides counseling, medical, and legal assistance for children who are, or have been, sexually abused.
    • Fairbanks Careline:
      Phone: (907) 452-HELP or 877-266-4357
      • 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention hot line. Provides emotional support for all ages experiencing life problems.

    • Fairbanks Native Association (FNA):
      Phone: (907) 452-1648
      Location: Administrative Offices - 605 Hughes Avenue
      • FNA provides many different programs serving Alaska Native youth and adults. Many of their programs are open to anyone in the community while some programs limit eligibility to Alaska Natives. The most notable programs serving youth are:

      • Graf Rheeneerhaanjii
        Phone: (907) 455-4725
        Location: 2550 Lawlor Road Fairbanks, AK 99709
        Provides residential treatment for substance abusing youth ages 12-18. Services include counseling, education, healthy living skills, and cultural and spiritual identity.

      • Fairbanks Alcohol Safety Action Program
        Phone: (907) 452-6144
        Location: 3100 S. Cushman St. Fairbanks, AK 99701
        FASAP provides assessment and referral services for court cases involving alcohol. Juvenile cases such as minor consuming, minor in possession and minor operating are also included. Persons who are convicted of DUI and other alcohol related offenses are screened and then referred to State approved agencies that provide alcohol/drug education and/or treatment.

      • Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing
        Phone: (907) 451-8164  
        Location: 1027 Evergreen St. Fairbanks, AK 99701
        Provides residential treatment for substance abusing women and their children who are under the age of 12. Services include counseling, education, parenting, healthy family skills, and cultural and spiritual identity.

      • Youth and Young Adult Services
        Phone: (907) 452-6260 
        Location: 615 Bidwell Avenue, Suite 103 Fairbanks, AK 99701
        Provides services to youth and young adults ages 10 to 25 with all the supports necessary to achieve overall health and wellbeing as they transition to adulthood. 
    • Fairbanks Psychiatric and Neurology Clinic
      Phone: (907) 452-1739
      Location: 1919 Lathrop Street, Suite #220 Fairbanks, AK 99701
      • Specialize in the practice of psychiatry and neurology for all ages
    • Hope Counseling Center:
      Phone: (907) 451-8208
      Location: 926 Aspen St. Fairbanks, AK 99701
      • Services Provided: Individual, Group, Family, Couples therapy; Trauma Informed Mental Health Services for children (0-17 yrs). Psychoeducational classes. Psychological assessments. Substance abuse treatment.

    • Life Givers:
      Phone: (907) 452-1274
      Location: 605 Hughes Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99701
      • Services Provided: Substance abuse program for pregnant and parenting teens

    • North Star Center:
      Phone: (907) 474-4955
      Location: Mile 353.5 Parks Highway
      • Services Provided: Substance Abuse Counseling; Life Skills (including Anger/Stress Management; Budgeting, Banking, Personal Hygiene, Securing Housing, Victim Awareness, Employment Assistance (including Resume Writing, Job Search Strategies, Job Application Assistance, and Interview Techniques), Community Service.

    • Northwind Behavioral Health:
      Phone: (907) 456-1434
      Location: 1867 Airport Way, Suite 215
      • North Wind Behavioral Health LLC is a private practice organization offering outpatient treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, seasonal affective disorder, ADHD and other behavioral health challenges.

    • Turning Point Counseling Services:
      Phone: (907) 374-7776
      Location: 315 5th Avenue
      • Turning Point Counseling is a Fairbanks practice center that offers treatment for those suffering from mental illness and/or addiction. Commonly worked with mental health issues include: addiction, alcoholism, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorder, family dynamics, couples/family counseling, PTSD, and psychotic disorders. Call the number above to make an appointment.

    • Individual Practices and Counseling: Provided below is a list of youth-friendly, local behavioral health practices that offer a wide range of counseling services. For additional information on each, call the number or visit the website associated with each person:
      • Dr. Mike Hopper, PhD: (907) 456-1330
      • Cathy Weeg, LPC: (907) 590-8384
      • Jennifer Danhauser, LPC: (907) 978-4978
      • Nancy Winford, MED: (907) 347-4165
      • Tima Priess, LMFT: (907) 452-8438
      • Dr. David Webster, PhD: (907) 474-5214
      • Dr. John Deruyter, PsyD: (907) 451-8208
      • Dr. Hayley Allison, PsyD: (907) 455-4567
      • Elaine Ponchione, ANP: (907) 455-7801
      • Dr. Mikki Barker, DO: (907) 455-4135

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