• Grant Review Committee

    The Committee is responsible for approving collaborative agreements and grants that involve the district


    Collaborative Agreement Approval Process  

    • The Committee’s role is to ensure that agreements define the:
      • Relationship between the district and the collaborator
      • Purpose of the collaboration 
      • Duration of the agreement
      • Special provisions, if applicable
      • Appropriate authorized signatures

    • Complete this sample memorandum of agreement/understanding for Committee approval
    • Upon Commitee approval, the agreement will be routed to the Superintendent's office for signature
    • Upon Superintendent signature, the agreement will be routed to the collaborator for signature 
    • Upon a fully executed agreement, collaborative activities may begin 


    Grant Approval Process  

    • For grants over $5,000, complete this grant submission summary
    • For grants less than $5,000, complete this small grant pre-application
    • Upon Committee approval, you may submit your grant application to the funder
    • When your grant application is selected by the funder
      • The Committee will review a grant acceptance summary
      • Upon Committee approval, the Board will review a grant acceptance summary
      • Upon Board approval, a grant account will be created to expend the funds as planned

    Committee Members

    • Helen Clark, Student Support Services
    • James Gentry, Technology and Information 
    • Sheena Cummings, Grants and Partnerships 
    • Melanie Hadaway, Teaching and Learning Support 
    • Nico Herbert, Accounting Services 
    • Luke Meinert, Assistant Superintendent 
    • Kate LaPlaunt, Assistant Superintendent 
    • Ivory McDaniel, Human Resources 
    • Ellis Ott, Research and Accountability

    School Board Policy governing the Grant Review Committee

    Administrative Regulation governing the Grant Review Committee

Last Modified on November 17, 2020