• Grant Review Committee

    The Committee is responsible for approving collaborative agreements and grants that involve the district


    Collaborative Agreement Approval Process  

    • The Committee’s role is to ensure that agreements define the:
      • Relationship between the district and the collaborator
      • Purpose of the collaboration 
      • Duration of the agreement
      • Special provisions, if applicable
      • Appropriate authorized signatures

    • Complete this sample memorandum of agreement/understanding for Committee approval
    • Upon Committee approval, the agreement will be routed to the Superintendent's office for signature
    • After the Superintendent's signature, the agreement will be routed to the collaborator for signature 
    • Upon a fully executed agreement, collaborative activities may begin 


    Grant Approval Process  

    • For grants less than $5,000, complete this small grant pre-application
    • For grants over $5,000, complete this grant submission summary and budget development worksheet
    • Upon Committee approval, you may submit your grant application to the funder
    • When your grant application is selected by the funder
      • The Committee will review a grant acceptance summary
      • Upon Committee approval, the Board will review a grant acceptance summary
      • Upon Board approval, a grant account will be created to expend the funds as planned

    Committee Members

    • John Auwen, Technology and Information 
    • Chane Beam, Teaching and Learning Support 
    • Sheena Cummings, Grants and Partnerships 
    • Brianna Gray, Student Support Services
    • Nico Herbert, Accounting Services 
    • Kate LaPlaunt, Assistant Superintendent 
    • Ivory McDaniel, Human Resources 
    • Luke Meinert, Assistant Superintendent 
    • Ellis Ott, Research and Accountability

    School Board Policy Governing the Grant Review Committee

    Administrative Regulation Governing the Grant Review Committee

    Administrative Regulation Grant Selection Criteria

Last Modified on August 24, 2022