• Small Grants (<$5,000)

    Small grants are requests made by district staff to a funding agency for $5,000 or less in money or property in support the mission and goals of the district. Staff must complete the district small grant pre-application and receive approval, before submitting a request to the funding agency. The Director of Grants is responsible for reviewing small grant pre-applications and the Grant Review Committee is responsible for reviewing grant proposals over $5,000. 


    Approval Process

    1. Inform your principal/director that you intend to apply for a grant ($5,000 or less)
    2. Complete the district small grant pre-application before you submit your request to the funding agency
      • If approved, submit your request to the funding agency
      • If approved with modifications, make modifications, and submit your request to the funding agency
    3. When awarded funding, follow these guidelines to set up, manage, and close out your grant 

    Funding Opportunities

    The Alaska Community Forest Council is offering $500 grants to plant trees at schools. 

    The Alaska Division of Agriculture offers micro grants to help Alaskans grow more nutritious food locally and become more food secure.

    Alaska Retired Educators Opportunity Grant- Awards are given for many diverse classroom projects not funded through the regular budget. Up to $200 will be awarded for each project. Applications must be submitted by December 20, 2020.

    Alaska State Council on the Arts Grants - Many art education grants are offered with application deadlines throughout the year. 

    Alaska State Council on the Arts Adaptation and Innovation Grant Program - Intended to support arts activities in Alaska during a time of great change, response to community need, and creativity. Grant sizes vary and the deadline is rolling. 

    American Lung Association Vape Free Schools Grant $2,000 grant to participate in a Vape-Free Schools Initiative. Reach out to shanice.roache@lung.org with questions.

    Annie's Grants for Gardens - Grants may be used to purchase any supplies for an edible garden, such as plants, seeds, raised beds, fencing, wheelbarrows, greenhouses, and drip irrigation systems. New applicants may apply for grants of $3,000. Online applications must be submitted by November 2, 2020.

    Association for Learning Environment - The Association for Learning Environments, Alaska Chapter, offers grants of up to $4,000 to educators wanting to transform their learning environment to enhance the educational experience.  

    Carrs Safeway Alaska Education Grant Program - Teachers across Alaska, will each receive a one-time $5,000 scholarship.  Any public school Pre-K-12 grade teacher, librarian, or counselor holding an Alaska teaching certificate may apply.

    Community Forestry Grants - Grants are offered for up to $400 for the purchase, shipping, and planting of trees on school grounds. Applications are ongoing. 

    D'Addario Foundation Music Grants - The D'Addario Foundation supports programs that bring music back into communities and schools and get kids playing as early and as frequently as possible.

    Fund for Teachers - Awards individual fellowships (funding limit of $5,000) and team fellowships (funding limit of $10,000) to pre-K-12 classroom teachers to immerse themselves in their fields of study. The application deadline is January 21, 2021.  

    Fairbanks Wellness Coalition Grants - Grants of up to $7,500 are awarded to projects that foster wellness through primary prevention and advocacy.

    Golden Heart Community Foundation - The Golden Heart Community Foundation grant cycle will be open from August 26th to October 7th. Grant awards are expected to range from $500 to $2,500. Grants may support a broad range of community needs including, but not limited to health and wellness, education, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and community development.

    Good Idea Grants from the Federally Impacted Schools Educational Foundation support federally impacted PreK-12 teachers and schools with grants of up to $5,000 in their efforts to address students’ academic needs and social/emotional wellness.

    Karma for Cara Foundation Microgrants - Students 18 years of age and under may apply for funds between $250 and $1,000 to complete service projects in their communities.  

    Kids Gardening - Awards youth garden grants to support school and youth educational garden projects that enhance the quality of life for students and their communities.

    National Association of State Foresters - The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry has grants of up to $400 for the purchase, shipping, and planting of trees on school grounds or indoors. More information at 907-269-8466 or josh.hightower@alaska.gov.

    NEA Foundation offers grants for eductors including students success, learning and leadership, and envision equity grants. 

    Novo Foundation offers grants of $7,500 for educator-led social emotional learning projects.

    Snapdragon Book Foundation - Seeks to foster children's literacy by providing support to school libraries serving disadvantaged children.

    Spirit of Youth Grants - Spirit of Youth is offering $1,500 grants for COVID-19 messaging, specifically intended to support youth-led projects for middle and high school students.

    Voya Unsung Heros awards program - Grants of $2,000 for K-12 educators and their schools to fund innovative classroom projects.

    Whole Kids Foundation Grant - The Whole Kids Foundation offers grants to support school gardens, nutrition, beehives, and entrepreneurship.


    Previously Funded Small Grants

    Carrs Safeway Alaska Education Grant

    Walmart Community Grant

    School Board Policy and Administrative Regulations governing small grants

Last Modified on March 6, 2023