• The FNSB School District's eLearning courses are online through Apex Learning. Apex delivers a wide range of solutions for original credit, Advanced Placement (AP), and credit recovery.  Their rigorous standards-based courses in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and electives meet high school graduation requirements and provide a complete course of study that offers breadth of standards coverage, depth of instruction, and integrated formative and summative assessments. 

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    Laurie Beam
    IT/eLearning Coordinator
    (907) 452-2000, x11236 

    Curriculum Technician
    452-2000 x11202

Distance Delivery

  • Distance Delivery provides students with the opportunity to take courses through the use of synchronous video-conference classes.  This means that students will either be on the sending  end of the video-conference where the teacher is physically present in the classroom, or on the receiving end of the video-conference where the teacher delivers real-time instruction, but from a different location within the district.  Students in both the receiving and sending portions of the class will be visible to the teacher and other students within the class at all times.
    Distance Delivery is available for a limited number of classes.  See your school counselor for a list of available courses.  
Last Modified on May 29, 2019