Hutchison High School Tech Prep Enrollment


    The UAF Community & Technical College uses an electronic enrollment process for Tech Prep. 

    Students interested in earning university credit please contact UAF Community & Technical College via email at to receive DocuSign® registration forms.    

    Please be sure to include the following information in your email: Fall or Spring class, class name, and teacher from the list below in order to receive the correct enrollment forms.   

    *If you do not wish to register via DocuSign®, see your teacher for paper forms.  Paper forms can be dropped off at the address below.  



    604 Barnette Street, Room 110

    Fairbanks, AK 99775-8040

    Phone (907) 455-2851 or (907) 455-2874 or Fax (907) 455-2828 


    *Deadline - 2nd Monday in May (5-13-2024)*



    Fall 2023 Classes: 

    CTEE305 Small Engines 1A  - Boyarski

    CTEK135 Introduction to Healthcare Occupations - Eilers



     Spring 2024 Classes:

    CTEE306 Small Engines 1B

    CTEC101 & 102 Drafting 1A & 1B - Ratzlaff

    CTEC501 & 5022 Welding 1A & 1B - Daley

    CTEC5033 & 5044 Welding 2A & 2B - Daley

    CTEK 102 & 103 Medical Terminology 1A & 1B - Eilers











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Last Modified on September 25, 2023