Mrs. Shannon Trizzino, 6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Shannon Trizzino, 6th Grade Teacher

Dear Parents,

            Welcome to 6th grade! I am incredibly excited to be your child’s teacher this year. In 6th grade we will be studying Ancient Civilizations to include Egypt and Greece, astronomy, weather and climate change, dividing fractions and decimals, ratios, rates, statistics and so much more. Throughout the year we will work on individual and group projects that will capitalize on student interests and allow all students a change to demonstrate their strengths and talents.

             In our class we will be using a class website that will be a central location for all classroom communications and information about projects and units. The address is:

Classroom Rules:

  1. Follow directions quickly.
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Raise your hand for permission to leave the learning area.
  4. Make smart choices:






  1. Keep your dear teacher happy.



Stamp Sheets: each week every student will have stamp sheet where they can accumulate stamps for good behavior and active participation in class. At the end of the week the student with the most stamps will be our Student of the Week.

Individual Rewards: as students accumulate stamps, they can redeem them for various individual rewards. Individual rewards will not be “treasure box trinkets,” but earned privileges in the classroom.

Classroom Jobs:

-All students will have jobs in the class, and they will get "paid" for doing their job well. Payments will be in the form of stamps. This will come on the last day of the week, and will count towards Student of the Week stamps as well.

-Classroom jobs are important to instill responsibility and ownership, and also to help create a classroom community.

Classroom Seating:

In order to accommodate collaborative learning and active students, students will not have individual desks. There will be tables set-up in the class. Students are allowed to sit where ever they will learn best. Of course this is also up to teacher discretion, students are given ONE warning before being asked to move to another location.

Students will keep individual supplies in their cubbies. Cubbies are expected to be kept neat and organized. They will be graded on a daily basis. This will be 80% of their organization grade on their report card.

Student Binders:

In this class students will be keeping track of classroom work, notes, and study materials in personal binders. It is expected that students will take this home and bring it to school EVERYDAY.

We will set this up in class together. Students are to keep everything in their binder until the class is told to remove it by their teacher. Generally, this will be at the end of each unit we are studying. This way students are able to maintain a chronological record of each unit they learn and are able to use the materials for the end of the unit assessment/project.

Students will get a weekly grade on the organization of their binder.

Late Work:

After September 1st any late assignments will be a zero in the grade book. These assignments will be corrected and returned, but will remain a zero. If an assignment is late, your student will fill out a form that must be signed by a parent and returned the next day. If it is not returned an email or call home will occur.

Thank you for everything that you do as parents and students, and I look forward to an amazing year!

Last Modified on December 7, 2017