Personalized Learning

  • Provide all students with options to meet their needs and achieve academic success.

    Objectives are listed in alphabetical order, not by priority.

    • Class size: Ensure class size is conducive to learning.
    • CTE: Provide comprehensive technical training combined with relevant CTE experiences to increase student awareness of postsecondary options and prepare them for high skill, high demand careers.
    • Effective Teaching: Support a culture of continuous improvement.
    • eLearning: Expand student access to online courses.
    • Full-Day Kindergarten: All kindergarteners will have full-day options.
    • K-8 Options: Expand K-8 options.
    • Secondary Options: Expand secondary options.
    • Success Pathways: Create multiple pathways to graduation.
    • Support Services: Support academic and social/emotional needs of students.
Last Modified on August 4, 2017