• Cross Country Running: 

    First Practice: July 31st, 10 AM UAF West Ridge.

    Coach:Robert Marcotte: robert.marcotte@k12northstar.org 907-322-0342

    Go to Planeths.com to complete all documents, including both parent and student logging on and acknowledging paperwork, and uploading your physical, to be eligible to start practice!

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  • Hello Runners and Families!

    Quick introduction: My name is Mr. Marcotte and I am coaching cross-country running for Hutchison High. A bit about me. I have taught math and science at Hutch for 7 years, and have been an assistant coach for both cross-country skiing and track during that time. I love soccer, rugby, cycling, and nerdy things too, but running is my go to activity for pure fitness. 

    Cross-country running is an individual team sport. What does that mean? It means individuals compete with individual effort, but the team is scored as a team. This means that there will be times where the focus is on improving the individual, and other times where we act as a team. As such, I expect student-athletes to put forth their best effort and support each other. 

    As we all know there is some paperwork that we all have to complete. The activities page on the Hutch Website (Planet HS Instructions) is a good place to start. Prior to the first practice you should fill out the paperwork on planet HS (http://planeths.com/). This includes concussion forms, emergency contacts, covid liability, and a physical.  Fees can be completed before the first event (mid-August) and if you have trouble paying, see me or our Activities Coordinator, Lynn Bernheim.

    My primary communication with students once practice starts will be using the Remind app or something similar, a group messaging system I have control over. Students (or parents too if they want the messages), if you send me your cell number I can add you to the group. This also lets me know you’re interested and I can keep an eye out for you at practice. 

    Practice before school starts will be at UAF’s West Ridge at 10am. The first one is Monday, July 31st. 

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments!

    -Mr. Marcotte


    PS: Too long didn’t read? Here is a checklist. 


    • 1st Practice: Noon at Hutchison High School on July 31 10 AM UAF West Ridge. 

    • Paperwork: everything on Planet HS. Parents and students both. Do it. This need to be done before the first practice! Planet HS Instructions

    • RSVP/Remind: Students, send me a phone number for more info. 

  • Robert Marcotte
    Head XC Running Coach
    Eligibility forms and school physical  MUST be complete to practice and tryout.
    Fees to be announced 
    Go to planeths.com to set up your student and guardian accounts. Instructions on how to do this are on this Planet HS Instructions page under Athletics under Hutchison's Website.