Changes to Outside Credit Process

  • Read carefully as the process has changed.

    Outside Credit Requests should now be submitted online. The form is available at  Students or parents can complete and submit the form online, which speeds up the approval process.  A signature page with student, parent, and a counselor signature is still required and must be submitted as well.

    See below for detailed instructions.

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Outside Credit Request

  •  Per AR 984.3, students wishing to take courses for high school credit outside of regular high school classes may do so with PRIOR administrative approval. The student must complete an Outside Credit Request; assistance is available from the school counselor. See instructions below.

    Outside Credit process requires students to get approval prior to taking an Outside Credit course.  Any requests submitted after the completion of the semester in which the request is for will not be accepted.  The exception (under AR 984.31) is that middle school students who have taken college credit prior to high school are expected to submit their applications for high school credit consideration prior to the end of the first semester of their high school career.
    If there were extenuating circumstances that prevented timely approval,  these requests need to be submitted within one semester after the completion of the course and will require the approval of the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.

    Students who have completed 8th grade in the FNSBSD may take Outside Credit courses to count towards high school credit. Questions about outside credit may be directed to the Dept. of Teaching & Learning at 452-2000 ext. 11202.

    If NCAA eligibility is a goal of the student or parent/guardian, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to check if a specific course or vendor is NCAA approved.  Also, some outside credit courses may be approved for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. For more information on APS and NCAA eligible courses, please contact the school counselor.

Outside Credit Request Instructions

  • To submit a request for outside credit:

    1. Complete the online form at,
    2. Provide a link to the course syllabus (which includes topics covered, materials used, assignments required, grading policy, and instructor’s name and credentials) or email the syllabus to, and
    3. Upload student/parent signature page at the end of the online form. You may also email this form to or turn it in to your school counselor.

    If you are unable to complete the outside credit request online, a hardcopy of the form is available at your school’s counseling office. For more information, contact your school counselor or the Department of Teaching & Learning at 452-2000 ext. 11202.