• Grant Overview

    In this session, participants the purpose and process of the DoDEA Basic Training 1:1 iPad Grant.  Topics will include length of grant, focus on early literacy and math, spring and fall trainings, as well as the deployment schedule of hardware in year 2.


    Session 1 - Transforming the Whiteboard

    Session 1 will focus on the use of the Whiteboard - Nothing More Nothing Less app.  This basic app will allow educators to replace a document camera.  Participants will also be introduced to Paper 53 and Notability as more "enhanced" apps for classroom instruction and as a replacement for the document camera.  Instruction will focus on the inner connection between apps with a specific focus on the Photos app for centralized storage of screen shots and shared images.  Pearson eText will also be introduced to access the school district's math curriculum (enVision Math).

    Session 1 will also demonstrate two methods of iPad to Projector connection: Adapter, HDMI cable, and Apple TV.


    Session 2 - Whiteboard Apps and Classroom Uses

    Session 2 will focus on a review of the following apps: Whiteboard - Nothing More Nothing Less, Paper 53, Notability, Photos, and Pearson eText.  Participants will also explore connecting to the Apple TV and using apps to demonstrate classroom level instruction.  Other topics including screen shots, images and photos will be introduced focusing on displaying content.  Apple TVs will be installed. 


    Session 3 - Math, Math Everywhere

    Session 3 will focus on primary math apps and curricular alignments.  Apps will include Number ID, Domino Add, 10 Frame Fill, Line em Up, Base 10 Blocks, CountSort, Make Another, Money Pieces, Math Vocab, Pattern Shapes, Number Rack, Pieces Basic, GeoBoard, Number Frames, Number Pieces, and Number Line.  Participants will be given time to explore each app for instructional uses.  In addition participants will be reintroduced to screen shots as well as whiteboard demonstration apps.  Finally participants will be introduced to SeeSaw.  SeeSaw is an app that allows the building of student portfolios and work turn in.  Work can then be shared, commented on, and ultimately shown to parents or other related support staff and educators.  The Photos app will become the localized storage app for work to be shared.



Last Modified on January 25, 2018