ELL Overview

  • The FNSBSD English Language Learner Program supports schools in delivering equal educational opportunities for students who speak a language or languages other than English, who speak another language in addition to English, or who have a language other than English spoken in their home and are academically achieving below grade level. The program focuses on helping students gain social communication skills and academic language proficiency in English, while developing multi-cultural awareness.

    The FNSBSD English Language Learner (ELL) Program is funded through the school district’s regular budget and additional grants from the state and federal governments. The program staff includes ELL Specialists, ELL Tutor/Instructors, Language Interpreters, the Director of ELL Program, and the ELL Program Secretary.

    The FNSBSD ELL Program serves students from over 40 language backgrounds. Without appropriate support, an ELL student is unlikely to achieve competency in academic English.

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