Out-of-Attendance Area

  • You may request to attend a different school from the one whose boundaries you live in. However, students can attend an out-of-attendance area school only if there is room, and enrollment it is not guaranteed from year to year. Just because your child was granted an exception one year, does not mean he or she will be able to attend the out-of-attendance area school the next year.
    Some other important considerations:
    • Schools only accept out-of-attendance applications beginning May 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.

    • Elementary school students must apply for out-of-attendance each school year.

    • Applications will be considered in the order received and accepted or denied based on student enrollment numbers and class sizes.

    • The school district DOES NOT provide bus service for out-of-attendance area students.
      The parent is responsible for the student's timely transportation to and from school. A student is not permitted to arrive late or leave early in order to accommodate a transportation arrangement.

    • The out-of-attendance area privilege may be revoked due to poor student behavior or attendance.

    • Permanent placement for the school year will not be determined until the tenth day of school, at which time students may be required to return to their home school due to enrollment numbers.

Out-of-Attendance Area FAQ

  • Due to the need to maintain adequate pupil-teacher ratio (PTR), schools must follow procedures that govern enrollment of students from out of attendance area. Below are some common questions parents ask. While each school tries to place children in classrooms as early as possible, some schools may need up to two weeks after the start of school to place children due to population numbers at those school. This is noted in School Board Policy.

    When is an Out-of-Attendance Area application required?

     An Out-of-Attendance Area (OAA) application is required when you want your child to attend a school that is not within your transportation zone. 

    When can I submit an Out-of-Attendance form?

    Out-of-Attendance Area form may be submitted at the time of kindergarten registration to the school the parent wants their child to attend. 

    What does the out-of-attendance area application process entail?

    • Parent fills out the OAA form at the school they want their child to attend, except for kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students register at their neighborhood school and may fill out the OAA form on or after the beginning of kindergarten registration.  Neighborhood school will forward OAA form to the requested school.

    • School receiving the OAA form will date and time stamp each form as they are received.

    • Each school will try to place OAA children in classrooms as early as possible but some schools may need up to two weeks after the start of school to place children due to population numbers at those school

    • Parents are encouraged to enroll their child at their neighborhood school if the numbers look uncertain for attendance at the out-of-attendance school.  This is especially true if the family needs a “guarantee” of placement to make child care arrangements or if the family needs an immediate answer to placement questions. 

    Do I need to fill out an application each year?

    Yes!  OAA status is NOT guaranteed.  A new application is required every year and the family needs to wait until the beginning of each school year to see if space is available.

    What are the criteria for being accepted at the OAA school?

    1. Available space at the particular grade level

    2. Date and time application was received.

    How will my child be accepted?

    • The school will contact you when it is able to determine numbers at the grade level you are seeking OAA status.  Final confirmation is at the end of the second week of school.

    • Kindergarten students will be notified during the second week of school.

    What is the cut off for OAA students to be assigned to a class?

    OAA students will not be assigned to a classroom with enrollment of 20 or more students in kindergarten, 22 or more students in grades 1-3, or 24 or more students in grades 4-6.

    Can my child continue to attend the OAA school until he or she moves to middle school?

    No.  An OAA application must be submitted each year since acceptance is based on available space.  Attendance at middle school is also based on where you physically live.

    Will all my elementary children (siblings) be able to attend the same OAA school?

    Not necessarily.  Attendance is based on available space in each grade level.  One grade may have space while another may not.

    What happens if there are too many students in a classroom once school starts?

    If your child attends your neighborhood school and class size increases, you are guaranteed a place.   But if you are an OAA student in a class where the enrollment increases, you may be required to return to your neighborhood school.

    What happens if we know someone does not reside in the neighborhood they say they do?

    • Any time residency is in question and when newly enrolling a student in school, the parent will be asked to produce a utility bill (i.e. phone, water, electric, etc.) as proof of residency.

    • Different documentation may be required of military families who live in military housing.