October/November / December
    1. Research your career plans and post-secondary education choices using AKCIS.
        Username:  northpole    Password:  4Student
    2. Start narrowing school/after school option choices down to five or six.
    3. Take the PSAT See your counselor for more information
    4. Sign up to take the ACT, SAT or Workkeys in the spring

    January / February
    1. Complete course selections for senior year.

    March / April
    1. Start lining up a summer job.
    2. Make sure you have taken the ACT, SAT or Workkeys.   Should I take the ACT or SAT?
    3. See counselor if interested in any of the military academies or ROTC scholarships.
    4. Start getting your letters of recommendations.  Use this form.

    1. Discuss preliminary choices of schools with counselor.
    2. Finalize course schedule for senior year.
    3. If appropriate, mail in your NCAA application.

    1. If possible, visit the campuses of colleges you are interested in.
    2. Consider the following:
    • Taking an enrichment class at UAF
    • Participate in the Summer Fine Arts camp
    • Take a course on-line
    • Volunteer for community service

    All Year
    1. Arrange to attend the College Fair at UAF and any other college sessions during the course of the year.
    2. Attend any evening meetings held by the counselors for all juniors and their parents.
    3. Make an appointment with your counselor for a student/parent meeting.

Last Modified on July 28, 2023