Literacy Challenge History

  • The ANE Literacy Challenge began in 2007. Over the years students within the FNSBSD have learned about Alaska Native Leaders and Elders by doing various projects according to their grade levels.

Annual ANE Literacy Challenge Display Board

2016 Literacy Challenge Winners

Annual ANE Literacy Challenge!

  • And so begins the 2019 - 2020 School Year and the 9th Annual Literacy Challenge

    The ANE Program invites all K-12th graders to participate in the 9th Annual Literacy Challenge.

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    2019 8th Annual Literacy Challenge!

    K-1st Place Winners:

    From Anne Wien Elem.

    1st Place:  Olivia Duncan

    2nd Place:  Iris Bright

    3rd Place:  Valentina Guevara  Mendoza

    Honorable Mention:  Hailey Phillips

    2nd-3rd Grade Winners:

    From Denali Elem.

    1st Place:  Bentley Burks

    2nd Place:  Casey Martin

    3rd Place:  Alexa Pilon

    Honorable Mention: Spencer Mitchell

    4th-6th Grade Winners 

    From North Pole Middle

    1st Place:  Noah Meierotto

    From Hunter Elem.  

    2nd Place:  Adriana Ticas

    From Hunter Elem.  

    3rd Place:  Christopher Surles

    From Anne Wien Elem.

    Honorable Mention:  Diego Guevara Mendoza

    7-12th Grade Winners:

    From Ryan Middle School

    1st Place:  Jessica Cool

    From Effie Kokrine:   

    2nd Place: Skye Vaska

    Alissa Carrow, Makenna Yazzie, Jade Reedy

    3rd Place:

    From Ryan Middle School: Gavin Drinka and Davin Carroll

    Honorable Mentions From Effie Kokrine: 

    Ethan Singleton, Richard Grant, Frank Henry


    Click Here: 2018 Literacy Challenge Winners

    The 8th Annual ANE Literacy Challenge received over 300 submissions this year! Students from all across the school district ranging from Kindergarten through twelfth grade sent in spectacular projects about various Alaska Native Leaders and Elders.

    There were four categories to the challenge, and the submissions followed certain guidelines based on grade level.

    • Kindergarten - First Graders Draw a  picture of an Alaska Native leader or elder.
    • Second - Third Graders Draw a picture of an Alaska Native leader or elder and write a paragraph about him/her.
    • Fourth - Sixth Graders Develop a poster about their chosen leader or elder, and cite sources from which they obtained information.
    • Seventh - Twelfth Graders Interview an elder or leader, and share the outcome in 5-7 minutes, edited videos.


  • 2015 Literacy Challenge Video Links

    Kayden Thrun:

    Independent Interview with Holger Jorgenson. View Kayden's submission here!

    Hutchison High School Submission

    Teacher: Benjamin Johnson

    Class: Live Events and Sports Broadcasting

    View the Hutch submission here!

    North Pole High School

    Teacher: Liz Alexander 

    Class: English

    View Kiara Wright's submission here!

    Effie Kokrine Early College Charter School 

    Teacher: Sheryl Meierotto

    View Effie Kokrine School's submission here!

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