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    Key: Get Organized

    1. Create a Scholarship Portfolio with the following tabs:

    • Completed Letter of Recommendation Request Form
    • Official Transcripts
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Test Scores
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Scholarship Schedule 
    • Copies of completed scholarships

    2.  Contact Lisa Fitzhugh, the transcript secretary for your transcripts lisa.fitzhugh@k12northstar.org

    • 5 copies of your Official Transcripts (after January 25, 2021, get updated Official Transcripts)
    • 5 copies of your Unofficial Transcripts (after January 25, 2021, get updated Unofficial Transcripts)
    • 3 copies of Test Scores: ACT, SAT,

    3. Acquire Letters of Recommendation. Fill out Letter of Recommendation Request Form. Copy it 10 times to give out to different people (teachers, advisors/coaches, counselors, employer, clergy, life long friends of the family, etc.). Give writers two weeks to write the Letter of Recommendation. Make sure you write down the date that YOU need to pick the letters up from the writer!

    4. Research for scholarships

    • check out our scholarship list below
    • at your College that you have been accepted to
    • on the internet (Unigo, Scholarship.com, FastWeb)

    5. Read the application carefully, especially the eligibility requirements, and follow ALL directions.

    6. On your essays, you are welcome to ask people to proofread it for you! 

    7. Once the scholarship application is completed, copy the entire thing for your records. This is very important! You might need to refer back to it.

    8. Mail BEFORE the postmarked date and/or deadline, sometimes it takes two weeks for mail to get to the lower 48!!!

    9. Annotate on your Scholarship Schedule the required information. This information will be useful at tax time.

    10. It is very important to inform your School Counselor when you are awarded a scholarship. He/She will want to know the name of the scholarship and the amount awarded for graduation purposes. 



    Below is a list of local scholarships mixed in with some national scholarships.  There are a lot more scholarships out there, use the scholarship datebases mentioned above. 
    Don't limit yourself just to this list!


    Scholarships for military connected students click here! Several scholarships are available with various due dates

    Check out these online scholarship sites:   Unigo, Scholarship.com, FastWeb)


    September Scholarships:

    Quest Bridge- Full four year scholarships to top schools for academically outstanding seniors/low income.  Due 9/29/20

    October Scholarships:

    Horatio Alger Association- $25,000- Demonstrate critical financial need, GPA minimum of 2.0 Due 10/25/20
    VFW Voice of Democracy- $30,000- 9th-12th grade students.  Turn in recorded speech to Chief Spilinek in ROTC 10/31/20

    November Scholarships:

    SHC Youth Leadership and Scholarship- Youth that have experienced homelessness.  $2000 Due TBA
    Elks Most Valuable Student-All high school seniors- $4000-$50,000, Due 11/15/2020
    Eduation Matters- All high school seniors $5000 Due 11/30/2020

    December Scholarships:

    Alaska Air Carriers- $1000-$5000-Students pursuing aviation, Due 12/1/2020
    Forest Jones Memorial- TBA- Students interested in Alaska aviation- 12/1/2020
    Jim Snead Memorial-TBA-Students interested in Alaska aviation- 12/1/2020
    Unigo $10K- $10,000 All high school seniors Due 12/31/2020

    January Scholarships:

    GE- Reagan Foundation- Up to $40,000- Student leaders with a minimum GPA of 3.0, 1/5/2021
    Alaska Engineering Education Scholarship-$500-$4000- Engineering students, Due 1/11/2021
    Red Boucher- $1000- Students going into a technology related career- 1/20/2021
    FAC Theta Sorority-Book scholarship- Due 1/31/21

    Scholarships for military connected students click here! Several scholarships are available with various due dates

    February Scholarships:
    (check back for more)
    2020 SWE Greatland Section Scholarship- One $2000 & two $1500- Female pursuing engineering- 2/10/2021
    Marathon Petroleum Scholars Program- Children of Marathon Petroleum Company, formerly known as Flint Hills- 2/12/2021

    UA (UAF, UAA, UAS) Scholarships- $500-$8000-2/15/2021
    John Kelly Scholarship- $1000-Students attending UAF or CTC in specific degrees- 2/26/2021

    March Scholarships: (check back for more)
    Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship- $2500- Cosmetology & more!- Due 3/1/2021
    True North Credit Union- 4 awards in the amount of $2500- GPA 3.00-3.75- 3/8/2021
    GVEA- $3500-$16,000-Must be a GVEA customer and meet GPA requirements- 3/1/2021
    Ducks Unlimited- $500-$10,000- Must be a Ducks Unlimited Member- Due 3/1/2021
    Fairbanks Retired Teachers' Association- Four $1500 awards- Graduating from FNSBSD- 3/15/2021
    The GCI Scholarship- 50 scholarships awarded @ $2000 each- Seeking degree in STEM, GPA 2.8-3.5 Due 3/18/2021
    Kids Voting-$500- Graduating student from FNSBSD- 3/15/2021
    June Nelson Scholarship- $1500- Graduating senior- Due 3/8/2021
    ADK Gamma Chapter-$750-Parent is or has been in education- 3/31/2021
    ADK Theta Chapter- $500-$1000- FNSBSD Senior- Due 3/25/2021

    Fairbanks Emblem Club- $1000- Minimum GPA 2.0- 3/29/2021
    AGC Scholarship-Up to $20,000- Students going into construction or accounting, insurance and bonding- Due 3/31/2021
    Art Jess Scholarships-$4000-Alaska Native, Alaska resident, minimum GPA of 2.5- Due 3/31/2021
    Harry H Hirshik- $1500- Pursuing automotive mechanics- Due 3/31/2021
    JJ Klein Scholarship- $10,000- GPA 2.0-3.2-Alaska resident- Due 3/31/2021
    Donald R DeWitt Scholarship- $2500- Student in the FNSBSD with a GPA 2.75-3.5 - Due 3/31/2021
    Liam Hood Memorial Scholarship- $3000- Alaska resident, minimum GPA 3.0- Due 3/31/2021
    Chef Cotter Scholarship- $1000- Alaska senior pursuing a career in culinary arts-Due 3/31/2021
    Tim Akers Memorial Scholarship- $1000- Alaskan resident with minimum GPA 3.0 pursuing technology-Due 3/31/2021

    April Scholarships:
    Credit Union One- Amount TBA- Be a member of Credit Union One- Due 4/1/2021
    Bettye Davis Memorial Scholarship- $1000- Women of color and/or from a minority community pursuing social work- Due 4/8/2021

    The American Legion of Alaska- Several Scholarships due at various times
    2020 Dream to Fly- Alaska resident with a dream to fly as a professional pilot- 4/8/2021
    The Gary Martin Swim Scholarship- $1000- Applicant must have been involved in competitive swimming- Due 4/8/2021
    Scott Fibranz Memorial Baseball Scholarship- $1000- Participant in either baseball or softball- Due 4/8/2021
    Dr John Halligan Scholarship- $2500- Must plan on attending a UA school pursuing health sciences- 4/8/2021
    Kathryn E and John P Doyle Scholarship- $5000- Female studying science related degree at a UA school- 4/8/2021
    Sven and Lorraine Eriksson Alaska Scholarship- $10,000- Must plan on attending at a UA school in engineering or music- 4/8/2021
    David E Knox Memorial Nursing Scholarship- $2500- Must commit to 1 year to practice nursing in a small Alaska Community- 4/8/2021
    Fairbanks Principal Association Scholarship- $1000- GPA minimum 3.5- 4/9/2021

    Frank Belts Scholarship- $500- Parents are members of a local union- Due TBA
    Quota International-Amount TBA- Due 4/30/2021
    The KIA Great Unknows Scholarship- $5000- First 500 applications will be accpepted. 
    PTSA Scholarship- $250- Must be a current NPHS PTSA member.

    2020 Nursing Corps Scholarship-Amount is needs base- OPEN
    North Pole Rotary- $5000- Be a graduating senior attending a high school in North Pole with a minimum GPA of 2.5- 4/23/2021
    NAACP Scholarship- Four $500 scholarships- FNSBSD senior with minimum GPA of 2.0- Due 4/30/20

     May Scholarships:

    MLK Scholarship- $1000-Graduating senior with GPA minimium of 2.0- Due TBA

     June Scholarships:

    Hank Nikkels Scholarship- $5000- Alaska resident studying engineering- Due 6/4/2021
    IBEW Scholarship- $2000- Alaska resident who intends to work in the electric industry-Due 6/4/2021

    July Scholarships:

    LGBTQ Awareness- $500- Students who identify as part of the LGBTQ community- Due 7/1/2021














NPHS Scholarship List

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