Where do I find scholarships? 

    1.  Use online scholarship databases.   Click here to go to 12 best websites for finding scholarships.  
    2.  Go the website of the school you plan on attending and find their financial aid tab.   Each school has a list of scholarships they offer students.   
    3.  Go to FNSBSD's Scholarship page
    4.  Ask your employer or your parents' employer if they offer scholarships.
    5.  Check out the list below.
    Be prepared, build a scholarship porfolio.   Scholarship portfolio checklist.   Use this form when requesting letters of recommendation.


    Below is a list of local scholarships mixed in with some national scholarships.  There are a lot more scholarships out there, use the scholarship datebases mentioned above. 
    Don't limit yourself just to this list!


    November Scholarships:

    SHC Youth Leadership and Scholarship- Youth that have experienced homelessness.  $2000 Due 11/10/2019
    Eduation Matters- All high school seniors $5000 Due 11/20/2019

    December Scholarships:

    Unigo $10K- $10,000 All high school seniors Due 12/31/2019

    January Scholarships:

    Alaska Air Carriers- $1000-$5000-Students pursuing aviation, Due 1/1/2020
    GE- Reagan Foundation- Up to $40,000- Student leaders with a minimum GPA of 3.0, Due 1/3/2020
    Alaska Engineering Education Scholarship-$500-$4000- Engineering students, Due 1/13/2020
    Forest Jones Memorial- TBA- Students interested in Alaska aviation- 1/1/2020
    Jim Snead Memorial-TBA-Students interested in Alaska aviation- 1/1/2020
    BP Process Technology- Up to $40,000- Students pursuing a process technology degree at UAA, UAF, or UA Kenai, Due 1/17/2020
    Red Boucher- $1000- Students going into a technology related career- 1/20/2020
    The Permafrost Scholarship- $1000-Fairbanks/North Pole senior with strong Alaskan roots- Due 1/31/2020
    High Mark Scholarship-Fairbanks/North Pole senior with a minimum GPA of 3.0- Due 1/31/2020
    Stock the Cache Scholarship- $1000-Fairbanks/North Pole senior pursuing a 2 year or shorter program (CTE)- Due 1/31/2020

    February Scholarships: (check back for more)

    GVEA- $2500-$15,000-Must be a GVEA customer and meet GPA requirements- Due 2/28/2020

    March Scholarships: (check back for more)

    Ducks Unlimited- $500-$10,000- Be a Ducks Unlimited Member- Due 3/1/2020













NPHS Scholarship List

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