• Welcome to your Freshman year!  



    Freshman Timeline

    First Semester

    ______ Check your high school courses to ensure that you are taking the necessary courses to meet graduation requirements, post-secondary options and the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

    _______ Develop a serious attitude toward your studies.  Grade point average and class rank are important considerations for your acceptance into most colleges.  Your GPA counts!

    _______ Develop good study habits.  If you find yourself struggling with your studies at any point during your freshman year, first consult with your teacher, and then check with the Counseling Office for study skills assistance and for peer tutorial help.

     _______ Set personal goals for academic achievement.  Evaluate and re-assess your goals frequently.   Ensure that you are actively working toward your goals.

     _______ Plan ahead for major project deadlines and your semester exams.

     _______ Read the daily announcements and watch for special programs available for freshmen.

     _______ Select extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations that interest you and GET INVOLVED!

     _______ Plan your involvement in extra-curricular, class, and community activities purposefully.  Your resume (which includes academic achievements, awards, honors, GPA, leadership positions and school/community activities) becomes very important as you apply for jobs, special programs, post-secondary schools and scholarships.

     _______ Encourage your parents to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences so that they will become familiar with your class schedule, teachers and the school.

     _______ Remember— the Counseling Office is here to help you in any way they can. Contact your counselor if you have any concerns— personal, educational or career.


    SECOND SEMESTER                                           

     _______ Visit the Counseling Office and become familiar with the reference materials available for career and post-secondary exploration.

     _______ Visit with people employed in your occupational interest area. Ask questions about actual job tasks, training required, helpful skills, advantages and disadvantages, employment opportunities, advancement, etc.

     _______ Make a list of post-secondary schools to which you may want to apply.  Check the entrance requirements of the schools and make sure you select appropriate course work for next year.

     _______ Begin your course selection process for next year.  Review the planner and your four-year educational plan.  Select courses for next year that are compatible with your college and career goals.

     _______ Review your academic skills with your counselor and teachers to identify any weak areas that need improvement.  Consideration should be given to any deficiencies as you register for the next school year.

     _______ Discuss your educational goals and 4-year plan with your parents.

     _______ You will be taking standardized tests along with all other 9th through 11th graders.  Do your best!  The results will provide additional information regarding your academic strengths, as well as identify areas that you may want to improve upon.

     _______ Plan ahead for major project deadlines and your semester exams.

     _______ Read as much and as widely as you can during the summer ahead.  Set aside time for reading every day.  

Last Modified on November 17, 2020