• Daily Bulletin - Friday, March 31, 2023

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    Call DURHAM Dispatch for student drop-off/pick-up issues, late buses, missed stops, driver complaints, service issues, and lost items.
    Fairbanks: 907-206-7789 (6:00am-5:30pm)
    Moose Creek/North Pole: 907-206-7789, option 4 (6:00am-5:00pm)


    Another chance to take the ASVAB Test:

    Hutchison High School is offering the ASVAB CEP TEST.
    There is no fee for the test and students are allowed to take it more than once.
    Tuesday April 11th at 7:30am @ HUT High School.
    Students should report to the front office at HUT the morning of testing day, for directions to the testing room.
    West Valley students, if you are interested in taking this test again or for the first time then please let Ms Henne in the Counseling office know soon so that I can give HUT a list of interested students by Friday, April 7th.
    Space will be limited so please don't procrastinate


    AK STAR Testing | Altered Schedule Week Of April 3-7:

    *Students testing will NOT attend Extension*, they will go to testing location.
    Monday, April 3 - Regular 1-6 periods
    Tuesday, April 4 Extension | 7:30-10:30 (9th Graders testing -English)
    Period 1 | 10:40-11:18
    Lunch | 11:21-11:51
    Period 2 | 11:56-12:34
    Period 4 | 12:39-1:17
    Period 5 | 1:22-2:00
    Wednesday, April 5 | Extension | 7:30-10:30 (10th Graders testing -Science)
    Period 2 | 10:40-11:18
    Lunch | 11:21-11:51
    Period 3 | 11:56-12:34
    Period 5 | 12:39-1:17
    Period 6 | 1:22-2:00 |
    Thursday, April 6 Extension | 7:30-10:30 (9th Graders testing - Math)
    Period 1 | 10:40-11:18
    Lunch | 11:21-11:51
    Period 3 | 11:56-12:34
    Period 4 | 12:39-1:17
    Period 5 | 1:22-2:00
    Friday, April 7 - Regular 1-6 periods



    Mark Your Calendar -
    April 4, 6-7:30pm Incoming Freshmen Night here @ West Valley!


    Attention Seniors:

    Seniors who will be attending UAF next year are eligible for part-time employment on campus.
    Your work hours will fit around your class schedule.
    Sample jobs include working at the Student Recreation Center (SRC), or learning to drive and service the Zamboni, or assisting a personal trainer, or coaching kids on the rock or ice walls, and fixing equipment.
    Please contact Paige Ripley at pv@alaska.edu or (907) 474-6493 if you are interested or see Ms. Johnston in Counseling if you have questions or need assistance with this process.



    Juniors will begin meeting Tuesdays and Wednesdays during extension in room 135 to plan and work on airband.
    Make sure you get an extension pass beforehand from Mrs. Hickman.


    Catch your pet 'reading'.....

    and win a prize!!
    Submit entries in the Library.
    Be sure to have your name attached.
    First, second, and third prizes will be awarded.
    Deadline is April 7th.



    competing in the airband competition please meet during extensions on Thursday's in Room 231.



    if you would like to perform at your graduation ceremony which is on May 16 th at the Carlson Center please see Mrs. Ashlock in room 231 by the end of March.
    Auditions will be held in April.


    WVH Softball:

    Softball Tryouts:
    April 4 & 5 @ 4:30pm - 6:30pm meeting in the mat-room.


    Freshmen Class Airband Meetings:

    We will meet during extension every Tuesday and Wednesday in room 233.
    We need help with making signs, performances, costumes, and choreography.
    Please see Mrs. Damario for an extension pass and if you have an questions.


    Attention Juniors and Seniors:

    Junior Prom will be held April 8th from 8-11 and the theme is Under the Stars.
    Early bird Ticket sales will begin March 20th.
    Prices will be $35 for singles and $65 for couples.
    Beginning March 29th ticket sales will rise to $45 for singles and $75 for couples.
    Last day to purchase tickets will be Thursday April 6th.
    Last Day to purchase Out Of School Guest tickets is March 31.
    Sales will be held in the nurse's hallway during lunch and for 20 minutes after school.
    If you are looking to bring an out of building date, forms must be filled out, along with a copy of an ID for a ticket to be sold.
    Remember all fines/fees must be paid in order to purchase.


    Climate Defense League

    The Climate Defense League will be holding the second annual climate- and environment-themed art show this spring.
    Submissions will be open in the library during the first week of April and the three categories for judging will be paintings and drawings, photographs, and everything else.
    We hope to get many beautiful submissions


    Dance and Culture:

    West Valley is excited to announce the return of Felix Bambury-Webb since 2019!
    Before covid, he had been a part of the Spanish program, teaching students about dance and culture.
    He will be here once again March 27-31, working with the Spanish classes each period.
    If you are not enrolled in Spanish class, we would like to extend an invite to students wishing to come and interact in the latin dances.
    Spaces are limited and participation is required in order to stay.
    Please discuss with your teacher beforehand to get permission.
    Parents are also invited to come and watch your student perform Friday March 31st during his/her Spanish period.
    Please find out when your student has Spanish and make arrangements with the office to attend.
    We look forward to seeing familiar faces!
    Mr. Delgado & Mrs. Hickman


    Vehicle Registration:

    If you are driving to school, your vehicle(s) MUST be registered.
    You can find Vehicle Registration forms on the WVH website or you can pick up the form in the front office.


    Open Campus Lunch Policy:

    It is a student's responsibility to return from lunch on time and prepared for class.
    Students who enter the building late from lunch will need to get a tardy unexcused and will not be allowed to take food or drink into their classrooms or to their lockers.
    NO Door-Dash, Grubhub, etc..food deliveries


    West Valley School Hours:

    Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:00pm | (907) 479-4221
    School Start & End Times: 7:30am - 2:00pm


    WVHS Counseling Office:

    479-4221 ext. 46520 | ext. 46521
    School Nurse: Corinne Roe - (907)479-4221


    Activities and Attendance:

    A student must be in attendance the entire school day (ALL class periods for which they are scheduled) in order to practice or participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity.
    When a student is absent from a class (marked AU) the student cannot participate in any same day practice or game.
    Students who are ten or more minutes late to any class will be considered absent, not tardy and can NOT participate.
    For activities or events that are scheduled on non-school days or weekends, students are required to attend every class on the last school day prior to the activity.
    When students are tardy to class, coaches have discretion to implement consequences related to activity participation.
    Excused absences MUST BE CALLED IN THE DAY BEFORE in order to participate.


    How do I excuse an absence?

    ANYTIME a student will be arriving late to school a parent/guardian has to call in to excuse the student and then the student MUST stop into the front office and pick up an Excused Admit Pass (BEFORE going to class).
    If the student has a note from a parent/guardian excusing them, trade it for an excused admit in the front office before going to class.
    Students will not be excused without checking into the office first and picking up this pass. If a student is leaving the building a TownPass must be called in by a parent or have a note with specified time of needing to leave the building (students must sign out in the front office in order to get excused.
    If the student returns to school, they must remember to check in at the front office before going to class or the missed class will remain unexcused.
    Parents can not call in after the fact to excuse their students.
    We must hear from a parent / guardian BEFORE the student leaves the building.
    If a student is marked AU for classes within the day, and the student did not have a pre-arranged townpass to leave the building, parents can not excuse that AU.
    Parents can not excuse a student for not attending a scheduled class to go to another class. Students must communicate with their teachers and get teacher permission.
    AU = Absence Unexcused: Teachers will mark this when students who are either more than 10 minutes late to class or do not show to their class.
    TU = Student is tardy to class (under 10 minutes).
    Teachers are unable to mark a student Absent Excused.
    If a student is planning to be absent the whole school day, a parent will need to call the front office to excuse the absence within 2 school days of that absence.


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