• West Valley High Bulletin

    Powerschool Updates:

    Parents, our demographics page has been redesigned. If you would like someone other than yourself to be able to pick up or excuse your child please call the school and we can add to our new page.


    WVH Football

    West Valley High School Football Game Change for August 23rd, 2019.
    Due to wildfire travel restrictions, Soldotna High School Football Team will not be able to travel to Fairbanks for tomorrow night's scheduled game. In place of the scheduled SoHi vs. WVHS game, the WVHS Junior Varsity will play a regular game vs. Monroe High School Rams. The WVHS Varsity team will hold a scrimmage vs. Ben Eielson Varsity Football.
    4:00 pm - Monroe Rams Varsity vs. West Valley JV at West Valley HS
    6:30 pm - BEHS Varsity vs. WVHS Varsity (Scrimmage) at West Valley HS.


    School Lunch:

    You Can Manage Your Child's Cafeteria Account @ www.schoolcafe.com Make payments, view purchase history, and receive low balance alerts. For convenience, setup automatic payments to replenish their cafeteria funds! You can view the breakfast and lunch menu @ www.k12northstar.nutrislice.com


    Picture Day

    School Pictures: August 27th - Thursday, August 29th during students science class.


    Student Vehicle Registration for Parking at West Valley:

    Students planning on driving to school and parking in the Student Parking Lot will need to complete a Vehicle Registration form for each vehicle they plan to drive during the school year (there is no fee). Forms are available on-line or can pick up a hard copy in the front office.
    Students Please Do Not Park In Visitor Parking!!


    Students Riding The School Bus:

    Don't wait to check or add your stop! Know what bus you will ride to and from school BEFORE school starts. You can go to the District website under transportation and look up your stop by entering in your address. Having trouble finding your transportation information? Call the Admin Center Transportation Department at (907) 452-2000 option 4. Students will need a Bus Stop Deviation anytime throughout the school year when they need to ride a bus that is not their home bus. Parents will need to call the Front Office or send in a signed note giving their student(s) permission to ride/get off a bus other than their home bus.


    Military Families

    Military families remember to check our district website @ www.k12northstar.org/military and stay connected to current information.


    Students planning on participating in school activities:

    Hello, this is a reminder that if students are planning on participating in school activities, both student and parent need to create separate accounts through Arbiter Athlete at www.arbiterathlete.com The previous paper packets/forms that were used are now all accessible through this site. For physicals, you may take a photo or scan and upload the paper copy into the Arbiter Athlete site. If you are having difficulty completing these online forms call Arbiter Help Desk @ 888-668-7452 / schoolsupport@arbiterathlete.com To access this from your Smart Phone simply text S42316 to 69274 and you will receive a link taking you to the website and will get you started with the process.


    Attendance Rules for Participation in a School Sport/Activity:

    Students must be in attendance the entire school day (all class periods for which they are scheduled) in order to practice or participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity. For activities or events that are schedule on non-school days or weekends, students are required to attend every class on the last school day prior to the activity. When a student is absent from class the student cannot participate in any same day practice or games.
    Students will be allowed to participate if their absence was called in 24 hours in advance and a permission sticker has been attached to their excused admit-pass which will then need to be shown to their coach. Students who are more then 10 minutes late to any class will be considered absent, not tardy, and may not participate in any same day practice or game.


    Parents and Students - Attendance

    ANYTIME you are arriving late to school and your parent/guardian has called in to excuse you, you MUST stop into the front office and pick up your Excused Admit Pass. If you have a note from a parent/guardian excusing you, trade it for an excused admit in the front office. You will not be excused without checking into the office first and picking up this pass.
    If you are leaving the building on a TownPass, you must sign out in the front office in order to get excused. If you return to school, you must remember to check in at the front office before going to class.
    If a student is marked AU for classes within the day, and you did not have a pre-arranged townpass to leave the building, parents can not excuse that AU. Parents can not excuse a student for not attending a scheduled class to go to another class. Students must communicate with their teachers and get teacher permission.


    Interested in studying Spanish abroad....

    then come see Mrs. Hickman in room 135. Plans are in the making to go to Costa Rica for 3 weeks June of 2020. You do not need to be enrolled in Spanish to go. There will be another parent informational meeting August 29th at 6PM in room 135 for those who were unable to attend last school year.


    X-C Running....

    has started. Saturday 8-17, West Valley excelled on the 3-k race.
    The girls varsity was led by Kendall Kramer (1st at 11:48), Naomi Bailey (2nd), Maggie Druckenmiller (3rd), Gloria Bailey (4th), Hjellie Personius (9th), and Hadley Blasey (10th). The girls Freshman race had Riga Grubis (2nd), Abigail Jenkens (3rd), Hazel Langley (6th), and Pirada Anderson (10th).
    The boys varsity was led by Jack Cater (1st at 11:14), Nolan Earnest (2nd), Daniel Abramowicz (3rd), Eli Merril (4th), Koen House (5th), and Thomas Bueler (9th). The boys Freshmen race was led by Shane Fisher (1st), Nicholas Buth (2nd), Caleb Petersen (3rd), Alex Huff (5th), Elias Engman (6th), and Logan Barr (8th).
    This Friday x-c races both in Kodiak and at Birch Hill Saturday starting with girls at 12:15.
    Check out the x-c running bulletin board by Mr. Grubis room #224 for more details.


    WV Wrestling

    Wrestling meeting Friday at lunch in the Dewild Theatre meet Coach Baxter and find out other information for the upcoming season. Preseason starts on Wednesday Sept 4th. Male and female wrestlers and managers welcome.


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