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Library Media Services is delighted to share some of the wonderful adventures students are having in libraries throughout the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. Every month we highlight several elementary and/or secondary school libraries. This provides an opportunity for each to share some of the exciting activities occurring throughout the school year.

For the month of April, Library Media Services is pleased to announce that we have chosen to highlight the libraries at Pearl Creek Elementary, Salcha Elementary, Tanana Middle, and Ticasuk Brown Elementary Schools.  Please scroll down and enjoy a brief look into these wonderful libraries. Afterwards, we invite you to peruse some of the helpful tools that Library Media Services has to offer, such as  Learning Links or Homework Help.

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Library Media Services would like to introduce the library staff at Pearl Creek Elementary School:

Kristen Zayon

My name is Kristen Zayon. This is my fourth year at Pearl Creek as the Library Media Associate. Before that I worked in the West Valley Library and the Hunter Library. I have five kids of my own and stayed home with them for ten years, so my life had been divided into a "before kids" career and an "after kids" career. Before kids I worked in the healthcare industry doing billing and insurance, and after kids I've worked in education, mostly in the library.

Working with books and kids is my calling. I'm very passionate about the written word, and I consider it my mission to help every kid that passes through the library find at least one book that they can connect with. I firmly believe that "There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book." ~Frank Serafini

I am an old Alaskan girl. I grew up primarily in Delta Junction, and when I went off to college at UAF I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, I got a degree in business, which I used in my first career. My hobbies are what have helped me in my second career. I love reading and writing, and I spend as much of my free time as possible doing so. I love what I do, and I think it comes through to the children I serve at the Pearl Creek Library.

Jill Marcotte

Jill Marcotte is a Pearl Creek parent who does most of the shelving and helps with various other tasks. Her husband, Robert, teaches science at Hutch. They have three boys; Aaron is in second grade, William is in kingergarten, and Renner is two. She brings Renner with her when she works, so he spends a lot of time in the library. He has come to be known as "The Library Baby." Jill loves books, writing, and all things literary.

Nancy Fite

Nancy Fite is the grandmother of a Pearl Creek first grader. She has worked in libraries for many years, and when she came to Fairbanks after retirement, she was eager to volunteer her services to the Pearl Creek library. She comes in one afternoon a week.

March Activities

This year the Pearl Creek Library has hosted two Scholastic book fairs, both in conjunction with Parent-Teacher Conference days. They are hugely popular and a great money-maker for the library, which allows for the purchase of more books and library supplies. Guy's Read, a literary event for 4th grade boys, had both a fall and winter session. After that came Gal's Read, a similar even for 4th grade girls.

PLC Library  

April Activities

April is National Poetry Month and Reading Without Walls month. National Library Week is April 9th-15th. Lessons and activities in the library will focus on these topics during the month of April. During these last weeks of school, Ms. Zayon also likes to help the 6th graders brush up on using the library catalog, and on finding the information they need in the library in preparation for moving on to middle school.

National Poetry Month  

Upcoming Events

There are lots of students who like to help in the library, and this year Ms. Zayon has been making an extra effort to find suitable tasks so that students can serve others.

This year Ms. Zayon instituted an ongoing program of book reports. She has book report forms available for kids to fill out, and when they read a book and turn one in, they get a small prize. Ten book reports equals choosing a book from the book prize collection!

Ms. Zayon applied for and received a PTA mini-grant this year to purchase new nonfiction titles for the library to continue updating the nonfiction section.

Book Report  

Ongoing Activities

There is always something going on in the Pearl Creek Library. It is the heart of the school, and is the site of meetings for staff, PTA, and community group meetings, after school clubs, and trainings. The library is a popular place for students to spend an occasional recess, especially when the temperature plummets below zero. Students can be found then utilizing the computers, finishing homework, drawing and coloring, playing chess or checkers, or just curling up with a good book.

Additional Information

Something Ms. Zayon would like to work more on in the future is making the library more a part of the larger community. The Pearl Creek area is a little way out of town, and it's more convenient for many parents to utilize this library rather than go into the Noel Wien library. Ms. Zayon encourages parents to set up their own accounts and check out additional books, and to bring their younger children in to use the library when there are no classes in the library.

This year Ms. Zayon has been doing an ongoing weeding of the nonfiction section. It had been some time since it had been done, and many of the titles were so old they no longer had valid information. After weeding, she will be consolidating the shelves in the hopes of reorganizing the library to have a more streamlined and user-friendly media area. Ms. Zayon would like to thank her principal, Kate LaPlaunt, for germinating this idea, and for being an incredibly supportive and encouraging advisor.

For additional information visit the Pearl Creek Library’s website



Library Media Services would like to introduce Jeanne Perkins, the library media associate at Salcha Elementary School.  This is Ms. Perkins’ fourth year at Salcha, and she hopes to have many more!

Ms. Perkins  

March Activities

In March, students at Salcha celebrated Women in History and Dr. Seuss's birthday.

Dr. Seuss Birthday

April Activities

April is Poetry Month and students will create poetry using the titles on spines of books.

 Salcha Bulletin Board

Upcoming Events

This year Salcha Elementary had two Battle of the Book teams. The students are looking forward to battling again next year.

 Battle of the Books

Ongoing Activities

Ms. Perkins would like to invite the local Homeschoolers to visit the library and checkout items.

Salcha Library  

Additional Information

Ms. Perkins has added over 500 new titles to the Salcha Library this school year.  For additional information visit Salcha Library’s website



Library Media Services would like to introduce the library staff at Tanana Middle School:

Katherine Freund

Hello, my name is Katherine Freund. I earned my MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have been a librarian for about 5 years and this school year is my first time working in a school library. I have previously worked in public libraries and prison libraries. I enjoy working with middle school students and teachers. We have a great team here at Tanana and I have found school librarianship to be a welcomed challenge and very rewarding! I have focused on developing a welcoming environment for the staff and students with robust programing.

I am originally from Wisconsin and have been traveling as a military spouse for the past 18 years. I have two children that are quickly outgrowing me! One is here with me at Tanana and another at Lathrop. I love to garden, although I have not delved into Alaskan gardening. However, I also love to sew and I have made quite a few kuspuks. I enjoy having all sorts of goodies bubbling on my kitchen counter and am always on the hunt for something new to ferment.

Logan Hert

Hi, my name is Logan Hert and I am the Library Assistant at Tanana Middle School. I have a bachelor's degree in Art Education and recently graduated from University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Masters in Education. This is my first year working at Tanana Middle School, and I really enjoy working with the students and staff here! My favorite part of my job is making our library an interactive and inviting space for students to grow and learn.

I grew up in Sitka, Alaska and recently moved up to Fairbanks. I have greatly enjoyed the culture, outdoors and resources that Fairbanks has. In my free time I enjoy being outside, reading, or doing anything that allows me to be creative.

Mrs. Freund and Mrs. Hert

Library Activities

Every month Tanana Library presents a riddle of the month and students have the opportunity to win a Golden Ticket. The library also hosts a monthly Poetry Slam and Open House for the Art Gallery.

TAN Library

Library maker spaces and challenges have been a huge hit with the students. Mrs. Freund rotates the maker spaces and tries to incorporate the activities with current curriculum.

TAN Library  

Additional Information

For additional information visit Tanana Library’s website

Tanana Library's Poetry Slam



Library Media Services would like to introduce the library staff at Ticasuk Brown Elementary School:

Tina Lamers

My name is Tina Lamers; I have been working for the school district for a total of eight years. Out of these eight years, I worked one year as a special education aide out at Ben Eielson Jr./Sr. High School and three additional years as the library assistant. I have spent the past four years here at Ticasuk as the Library Associate. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, sketching, and spending lots of time with my amazing husband and family. My family takes up a majority of my time, being that I have 7 children.

Ms. Lamers  

Karen Whipple

Karen Whipple is the library temp at Ticasuk. She is an amazing individual and helps Ms. Lamers get the things done in a timely manner.

March Activities

In the month of March the Ticasuk Library hosted Gals Read for fourth grade girls. The program focuses primarily on keeping girls interested in reading. Volunteers in the district come in, read, and discuss the book they are reading with the girls while they are eating lunch. If you are every thinking of doing some volunteering, this program is worth looking into.

The library, along with student council, is in charge of "Pennies for Patients" and so far has raised $1468.00. They are hoping to raise over $2000.

 Ticasuk 1st Graders

First graders at Ticasuk learned about the Chinese New Year and they made paper lanterns. Also, kindergarteners learned about frogs and made “frogs.”

Ticasuk Kindergarten  

April Activities

All fourth and fifth graders will be working on reading and writing poetry, as well as finding books for the speech contest.

The library is also in the process of housing two incubators that the entire school can watch. The eggs were donated by two Ticasuk families, and hopefully students will be able to see the baby chicks at the end of April.


Other Events

February's Scholastic book fair was a huge success at Ticasuk. They were able to give away over $2000.00 in books to students, and still made enough profit to get books for the library. Ms. Lamers are hoping to do this every other book fair.

Book Fair

Additional Information

Ms. Lamers is in the process of researching a fundraiser to do with the students. This will be to raise funds for not only the school, but the library as well. Teachers seem really interested and willing to hop on board with this project next year. Ms. Lamers is hoping that when parents receive the information next year that they will jump on board as well. 

Ticasuk Library  
For more information visit Ticasuk Brown Library's website.