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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Degree - Instructional Technology

Mr. Chris Carlson

Born 1974 in Fairbanks, AK. I graduated from Lathrop High School in 1993 and received an Economics degree from Southern Oregon University in 2000. Before becoming a teacher, I traveled the West Coast of the United States as a trombonist with a swing band for five years. Although we were able to make ends meet, I decided to part ways and return to Alaska where I worked as an Assisted Living Specialist for four years.  It was during this period of my life, I decided to become a teacher so I entered the post-bachelor program at UAF and received my teaching certificate in 2004.  I have been teaching in the Fairbanks School District for over ten years as a regular classroom teacher and as an Instructional Technology Teacher.  

My philosophy of teaching focuses on student effort (involvement).  I allow the students to make mistakes.  In fact, we don't call them mistakes because they are really "learning Opportunities".  Even as young students make bad choices in regards to behavior, we see them as opportunities to learn new ways to communicate and support.

I am excited to be teaching at Pearl Creek Elementary and look forward to many productive lessons and activities with your child.


My Philosophy of Teaching

  • Philosophy of Education

    updated 8.10.18

    I believe student engagement is the foundation of all learning.  As I design lessons and learning environments for my students, I want to emphasize engaging activities that reach every student simultaneously. As an educator, it will be necessary to learn about and locate tools and research that helps me identify the specific learning styles associated with my students. Keeping up on new technological innovations and incorporating them in my instruction. I choose a standard to instruct and match the appropriate technology to develop the standard.

    Assessments are implemented throughout my instruction using formative and summative means.  I use a range of styles and technology to receive real-time qualitative and quantitative assessments.  Using assessment technology allows me to reteach content as quickly as possible. I look for technology that allows collaboration embedded within the process so I can comment and critique on their progress in real-time so they can make meaningful adjustments while they are engaged with their lesson and/or assessment. I will pinpoint what a student is having trouble with and allocate a new way to deliver the content.

    Collaborating with students and parents creates a learning community.  When students create products that represent their knowledge, every option for sharing will be considered.  I use many different styles of assessing students’ understanding including having student create video and audio explanations.   I believe this starts a meaningful conversation regarding the growth and expectations placed on the learner.

    In conclusion, my instruction is designed to engage every student at the same time while embedding accountability.  As I observe and then analyze student work, I make the adjustments necessary to reteach the lesson to better serve the student’s readiness, interest, and learning style.

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