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    Purchasing Apps
    AppTrack FNSBSD is implementing the use of mobile devices such as iPods and iPads. These devices offer engaging and creative ways to improve student learning.

    Purchasing applications (apps) for devices owned by the district must be done according to specific guidelines in order to prevent copyright infringement.

    The AppTrack Manual below is for Pool Managers, Location Managers and Location Administrators. If you have a group of devices (a.k.a. Pool) and need an iTunes account for those devices, contact your ITT or Miriam McGovern at (907) 452-2000 x11218.
    AppTrack Manual
    Use AppTrack to order apps and manage your Pool of devices.

    Device Information
    To learn more about creative ways to engage your students with devices in the Classroom contact your ITT, or visit Curriculum webpage for more information. There, you can also find your Pool Manager Training Manual that includes AppTrack and managing your App library with iTunes, etc.

Last Modified on May 9, 2018