Secondary Meals

  • The move up to secondary school can be an exciting time and there will certainly be a big difference from what students experienced at the elementary level.

    It is our goal to provide our customers with tasty, nutritious food and drink that always hits the spot. Breakfast is available daily, so for a great start to the day, students are able to join their friends for breakfast where they can choose from cereals, egg, sausage, cheese biscuits, bagel & cream cheese, fresh fruit, oatmeal breakfast bar, fruit juice, milk and more!

    Secondary lunch menus are on a three week rotating cycle with two or three different main entree choices each day along with the standard four entrees offered daily.  A Full Meal Deal includes:

    • 1 Entree Choice
    • Skim white or non-fat chocolate

    and students can select up to two side choices:

    • Oven baked shoestring fries or curly fries
    • Fresh veggies-n-dip
    • Tossed salad
    • Assorted 10 oz juice
    • Fruit cups
    • Fresh whole fruit (fruit & vegetable variety based upon availability)

    Entrees served daily in addition to the rotating menu entrees:

    • Pizza variety
    • Spicy chicken sandwich
    • Cheeseburger/hamburger
    • Assorted subs and/or wraps

    Daily Condiment & Spice Bar includes:

    • Green leaf lettuce
    • Ripe red tomato slices
    • Various cheese slices
    • Pickles
    • Sliced red onions
    • Jalapenos
    • Assorted salad dressings
    • Other spices and sauces as scheduled

    Beverage and snack items not specifically listed on the menu are sold at A la carte prices and are not included in the Full Meal Deal. The menu will remain the same barring delivery shortages. Meal benefits apply only to the Full Meal Deal.

Last Modified on August 9, 2019