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    Since the early 1960's, cross country skiing in Fairbanks has grown from two people interested in ski racing to well over 200 that regularly show up for the town series races every year. West Valley has won numerous boys and girls state championships, some using the experiences they've gained here to ski in college and beyond. Fairbanks has had countless people qualify for the U.S. Junior Olympics and is one of the few cities of this size or per capita in the U.S. that has had 7 people on the U.S. Ski Team.

    WV skiers will have the opportunity to develop coordination, quicker reflexes, better balance and a toned body, as well as higher levels of endurance. Our goal will not only be to make you a faster skier but to make you a smoother, more proficient skier. One that is able to glide down the trail with much less effort.


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Last Modified on December 13, 2019