Joint Committee on Health Care

  • A Joint Committee on Health Benefits shall be composed of three (3) representatives selected by the Fairbanks Education Association, three (3) representatives selected by the Education Support Staff Association, one (1) representative selected by the Fairbanks Principals' Association, the Fairbanks North Star Borough Risk Manager as a non-voting member, and three (3) representatives selected by the Superintendent. The Health Care Committee uses Operating Guidelines to conduct business.

    The current committee members are:

    Fairbanks Education Association (FEA):

    • Lynn Bernheim
    • David DeVaughn
    • Jessica Iglesias

    Education Support Staff Association (ESSA):

    • Christopher Rose
    • Irene Matheis
    • Jasmine Adkins-Brown

    Fairbanks Principals' Association (FPA):

    • Barbara Sperl

    Superintendent Appointed:

    • Lisa Pearce
    • Heather Heineken
    • Krista Meeks

    Fairbanks North Star Borough (Non-Voting Member):

    • Tony Shumate, Risk Manager

    For questions or additional information regarding the Joint Committee on Health Care or the District's Health Plan, please contact the Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources at (907)452-2000 x11382.

    Health Care Committee Meeting Dates (committee meeting minutes are posted as a hyperlink once approved):

     All meetings are scheduled from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at the Administrative Center in Room 426.