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Graduation Requirements

  • To receive the regular high school diploma presented by the School Board, students will be required to satisfactorily and fully complete a course of study that meets those requirements established by the State Board of Education and the district.
    Graduation Requirements  Revised May 2017 
  • Students will be required to complete a minimum of 22.5 credits*, and distributed within the following subject areas:

    English  (4 credits)

    English 9:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    English 10:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    English 11:  0.5 credit (1 semester)

    English 12:  0.5 credit (1 semester)

    English Elective:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Health  (0.5 credit)

    Mathematics  (3 credits)

    Algebra I:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Additional Math:  2 credits (4 semesters)

    Physical Education  (1.5 credits)

    One-quarter (.25) credit for the Physical Education requirement may be waived for each full season of participation in approved interscholastic or intramural athletic competition. The total credit waived shall not exceed one-full credit. Elective credit must be earned to replace the Physical Education requirement that is waived. A waiver of credit under this section does not affect the overall minimum requirements.

    Science  (3 credits)

    Physical Science:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Biological Science:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Additional Science:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Social Studies  (3.5 credits)

    Alaska Studies:  0.5 credit (1 semester)

    World Studies:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    American Studies:  1 credit (2 semesters)

    Contemporary Government Studies:  0.5 credit (1 semester)

    Contemporary Economic Studies:  0.5 credit (1 semester)

    Electives  (7 credits)

    TOTAL  =  22.5 credits

    Specific course requirements in each subject area are set forth in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District High School Course Catalog. Students will meet the requirements in the Course Catalog dated their freshman year.

    * One-half (.5) credit is awarded for satisfactorily completing a required or elective course, which is one semester in length.

Last Modified on August 3, 2018