AK Performance Scholarship

  • The Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) is a program of the State of Alaska. It can be awarded to any Alaska high school graduate meeting eligibility requirements, which include GPA, test scores, and completing specified classes.

    This page contains:

    • A list of FNSBSD approved courses
    • FAQ's on the Alaska Performance Scholarship
    • Links to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education / APS website

    If you believe an error has been made regarding your eligibility for an Alaska Performance Scholarship, you can request that the FNSBSD review the determination of whether or not you are eligible (or if eligible) for the level of scholarship available to you. Prior to beginning the appeal process, please review the appeal procedures and form below.

    Additional APS Info from the State
    Learn more! With only internet access and a phone, you can attend a live APS program overview. Students, parent, and educators are welcome. (See link below)

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