• Remember you need a Sports Physical, an Activity Consent form and a Concussion Awareness form on file before you can try out or go to practices.


    The Wrestling Season starts on November 25, 2019.   Watch the Daily Bulletin and listen to announcements for more information.

    Practices will probably be from 4:15 to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

    The school provides uniforms and headgear. Wrestling shoes are required by rule and for the safety of the athlete. Wrestlers are required to supply their own wrestling shoes. Shoes can be purchased locally or through on-line specialty shops. Wrestlers are encouraged to purchase their own headgear, but it is not mandatory.

    Wrestlers must provide their own CLEAN practice sweats/shorts and shirts. Girls must wear appropriate sports bras. Wrestlers who have braces must wear a mouth-guard during competition. All practice gear must be taken home nightly and washed DAILY. When hair does not meet rule requirements, wrestlers must wear approved hair covers during competition, which can be purchased at wrestling on-line stores, (get a hair cut instead). In addition, female wrestlers must wear a tight fitting undershirt, such as Under Armor type shirts.

    To prevent the spread of disease or infection it is required that each wrestler practice good personal hygiene and have practice clothing washed daily.


Last Modified on August 28, 2019