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  • Alaska Native Education Staff

    The ANE Program staffs 13 tutors in 17 schools along with a district wide family advocate and graduation success/attendance liaison. The ANE Tutors and staff provide a wide variety of services, including academic, social and cultural support.


    Graduation Success/Attendance Liaison

    Sommer Stickman

    (907) 456-7794

     Sommer and Baby

    Sommer (Stickman) Burgett, ANE Liaison

    Hello All! My name is Sommer Burgett, I’m the new ANE Liaison. As the ANE Liaison I serve students from around the district but I am based at Lathrop High School. I’ve lived in Alaska my entire life; my parents are Charles and Colleen Stickman from Nulato, Alaska. I love camping, fishing, hunting, and doing just about anything outside with my family. I recently married my husband Garrett Burgett of Galena, and together we have our wonderful daughter and my amazing stepson. I’m currently attending the University of Alaska Southeast majoring in Elementary Education, and I have always loved working with students and their families! Over the last 8 years I have been working at Tanana Chiefs Conference and Doyon Foundation serving students and families from around the interior. I look forward to the school year and working with all of you!


    ANE Tutors:

    Tanana Middle & Lathrop High

    Kellie O'Brien   (not pictured)

    Tanana MS:  (907) 452-8145, ext. 14175
    LHS Phone: (907) 456-7794 ext. 17143



    Denali Elementary

    Rebecca (Norma) Charlie-Runfola
    Phone: (907) 452-2456  ext. 32208


     Norma Runfola

    Hello! My name is Rebecca Charlie-Runfola. My friends and coworkers call me by my middle name, Norma. I’m the new Alaska Native Education Tutor at Denali Elementary. I grew up on the Bering Sea coast in a rural village called Scammon Bay, Alaska. My first language is Yup’ik. When I was growing up my family and I lived off the land and the sea. We fished, hunted, and gathered year-round in preparation for the seasons. We spent summers at fish camp catching herring and salmon. We went home to Scammon Bay at the end of summer and picked berries until it was time to go back to school. During the school year we hunted and fished. We would spend lots of time ice fishing, or setting nets and traps under the ice to catch our fish. I also helped my father with his traplines. My grandmother taught me how to sew skins. I make fur parkas, hats, and sealskin boots, thanks to all that I learned from her. My husband and I have been living in Fairbanks for more than 20 years. We have three children and four grandkids. I taught our children how to hunt and fish and gather foods from the wilderness, and how to take care of our food throughout the year. We still work hard to live off the land today, even though we’re in town very far from where I grew up.  I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2010 and received my BA in Art with a minor in General Education. I started with the school district in 2012 when I worked at Joy Elementary as a Special Education Aide in an Intensive Resource classroom. I’ve also worked as a SPED IR Aide at Anne Wien Elementary and Tanana Middle School. Even though that was sometimes a very challenging job, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping some of our most precious students. I was hired as the Denali ANE Tutor in November of 2018. I really enjoy my job there. Working with the ANE students at Denali has been a great experience in so many ways. I love teaching them about my traditions and learning about theirs. I look forward to another great school year working with students and their families and the other ANE and Denali staff.


     Joy Elementary

    Donna Sharp
    Phone: (907) 456-5469 ext. 125

    Donna Sharp

    Hello!! My name is Donna and I was born and raised here in Fairbanks.  My mother is the late Alice Jordan of Beaver and my grandparents are the late Moses and Ruth Cruikshank of Beaver and Utqiagvik.  I graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2013 with a bachelors in Justice and minor in Psychology. I have been married for 13 years and have two wonderful boys.  


    Anne Wien

    Jori Walker
    Phone: (907) 451-7500

    Jori Walker


    University Park

    Rose Nicholia
    Phone: (907) 479-6963 ext. 120


    Rose Nicholia

    I am happy to be back for my 10th year with ANE at University Park Elementary and my 26th year with FNSB School District. My parents are Robert & Jeanette Walker of Shaw Creek, Alaska (near Delta Junction), where I was born and raised. As a child, I loved growing up on a remote homestead and living a subsistence life style, but going to school, and then moving to Fairbanks were culture shocks, so I try hard to make school and learning a positive experience for students. I now have two grown daughters, and three grandchildren. My husband, Craig from the village of Tanana, retired last spring from teaching PE at WVHS, where we first met sixteen years ago. I have a fire science degree in Wildland Fire Control and have worked each summer since 1999 as an emergency fire fighter (EFF). I love both of my jobs, but I’m blessed to be able to work with the wonderful children at Upark!


    Hunter Elementary

    Nancy Teter
    Phone: (907) 456-5775 ext. 34134


    Nancy Teter

    Waqaa, my name is Nancy Teter-Qaililria. I am Yup’ik/Cup’ik/Russian/Sami from St. Mary’s, Alaska. My maternal grandparents are the late Axenia (Kozevnikoff) Francis of Pitka’s Point and the late John Francis of Emmonak. My paternal grandparents are the late Siesta (Joseph) Kinzy of Chevak and the late Andy Kinzy of St. Mary’s. I have been with my wonderful husband Carl for 28 years. We have been blessed with three children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and six grandchildren! This is my thirteenth year with the ANE Program and my tenth year at Hunter Elementary. I love working for the ANE Program. Seeing children meet their goals, whether it is academic or personal, is one of my greatest joys. I love helping create leaders and building self-esteem, and helping students build cultural pride. I look forward to another successful year!


    Nordale/Ticasuk Brown

    Misti Hopkins
    Phone: NDL: (907) 452-2696 ext. 203





    Laura Amundson
    Phone: (907) 479-4211


    Laura Amundson

    My name is Laura Amundson, and I am the ANE Tutor at Woodriver Elementary.  This will be my thirteenth year with the FNSBSD. I grew up in the Norton Sound village of Unalakleet, a mostly Inupiaq town of about 700.  My parents were the late Paul and Elizabeth Ivanoff. After attending Covenant High School I went on to graduate from the University of Alaska  - Fairbanks with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management. I am married to Dan Amundson, and together we have four children. We also have one dog to protect us when we go camping, fishing or blueberry picking, activities that truly make it worthwhile to live in Alaska.  Tutoring has been a rewarding experience in that we provide the extra support that some of our ANE students need.  I feel fortunate to be working at Woodriver Elementary; our school works together as a collaborative team for the success of our students.  I am so pleased that I have the support of teachers and staff for the ANE program in our building.  


    North Pole Middle and High

    Jamie Jones (not pictured)

    North Pole Middle School

    (907) 488-2271 ext. 40033

    North Pole High School

    (907) 488-3761 ext. 19152


    Hello, my name is Jamie Jones. I have lived in North Pole for 13 years and I am from Seward, Alaska. I enjoy living in Alaska and some of my favorite things to do are Kayaking and Fishing. From fly fishing for grayling in the spring, to trying to catch the big pike in the summer, to setting lines for burbot and of course ice fishing in the winter this is the perfect area to live. I have worked with the Alaska Native Education Department for over 10 years and each year there are challenges and successes to keep me on  my toes.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year and working with students. 




    Ryan Middle

    Tameran Poulsen

    Phone: (907) 452-4751 ext. 13232

    Tameran n Baby

    Email: tameran.poulsen@k12northstar.orgHello! My name is Tamera Poulsen.  This is my 4th year with ANE, my 2nd year at Ryan Middle School.  I am so excited to be back at Ryan with all the kiddos! I was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up camping, fishing, gardening, berry- picking, and canning.  As an adult, I have lived and travelled all over the United States. I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren whom are members of the Fort Peck Assiniboine Sioux Tribes. They are all amazing people and I am so proud of them.  I am also a veteran of the Armed Forces, Army branch. Each place I have visited or lived is special in some way. I love the Alaskan terrain, the open skies and beautiful views of the Aurora Borealis that Alaska is famous for.  As a Program Tutor, I strive to be understanding, compassionate, and a great community support for students and families.   I can’t wait to get to know all the new faces, and continue to foster established relationships with my students! This is going to be another great year!



    West Valley High

    Barbara Ross

    Phone: (907) 479-4221 ext. 46201


    Barbara Ross

    Hello, my name is Barbara Ross. I am the Alaska Native Education tutor at West Valley High School. I have lived in Alaska since 1999. My first 12 years in Alaska were spent teaching in rural Alaska, where I taught math and science. I lived 4 years in Grayling, 3 years in Koyuk, and 5 years in Stebbins. While in those villages, I loved learning about the local cultures. In Grayling, I learned some of the Holikachuk language and attended Spirit Camp with my students. Berry picking, egg gathering, and boat rides are among my favorite memories of Koyuk. I always enjoyed the annual Potlatch in Stebbins with all the drumming and Eskimo dancing.  I love to travel and have visited every continent except Antarctica. I have lived in Fairbanks since I retired from teaching in 2011. I am happy to be part of the ANE team.



    Effie Kokrine Jr./Sr. High

    Mindy Gallagher

    EKCS: (907) 474-0958 ext. 33103



    My name is Mindy Gallagher.  I grew up in Indiana, where my parents, Howard and Virginia, were teachers in junior high and high schools, so I grew up around educators.  I attended Grinnell College, then completed my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Biology at the University of Washington.  After I moved to Alaska, I worked for BLM and then Tanana Chiefs Conference, working with Native allotment and village land titles.  I enjoyed traveling around to Interior villages and helping people with their land claims.  After taking time off to raise my 2 kids, I returned to work in the school district as an aide and a tutor.  I am returning as the Alaska Native Education tutor at Effie Kokrine Charter School.  My husband and I have 2 children who are now grown; both of them got married last year.  My son is working in carpentry while he starts his own business and my daughter working with a costume designer in California.  My husband and I enjoy gardening, camping, hiking, and travel.  I also am an avid knitter and enjoy sewing. 



    ANE Administrative Staff:


    ANE Director

    Yatibaey Evans

    (907) 452-2000 ext. 11462












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