Parent Advisory Committee

  • The Alaska Native Education programs is pleased the announce the arrival of two new PAC members, Joshua Benally and Tracie Holt!


    2018-2019 PAC Members


    Vice Chair: 


    Member: Tracie Holt (2017-2018)

    Member: Eliza Winfrey (2017-2018)

    Member: Kristi McEwen (2017-2018)

    Elder Representative: Clara Anderson (2017-2018)


    2017-2018 PAC Members

    Amy Topkok (2017-2018) Email:

    Belinda Banks (2017-2018) Email:

    Eliza Winfrey (2017-2019) Email:

    Joshua Benally (2017-2019):

    Tracie Holt (2017-2019):


    2017-2018 PAC Members

    Chair:  Amy Topkok (2017-2018)

    Vice Chair: Joshua Benally (2017-2018)

    Secretary: Belinda Banks (2017-2018)

    Member: Tracie Holt (2017-2018)

    Member: Eliza Winfrey (2017-2018)

    Member: Kristi McEwen (2017-2018)

    Elder Representative: Clara Anderson (2017-2018)

    Student Representative: Xena Benally (2018)


     ANE PAC Bylaws
    Updated October 2017