Eligibility Form - ED 506

  • The purpose of Title VII, Indian Education, is to support schools as they provide opportunities for Native students to meet and exceed the state academic standards.

    The federal ED 506 form certifies a student's eligibility for the variety of services our program provides. Please take the time to complete the form and return it to the front office at your school.

    Parents please keep in mind that we cannot accept corporation enrollment numbers because shares could be sold, bought, etc. We accept certificate of Indian blood cards, tribal enrollment numbers, and letters from your tribe.

    Completed ED 506 forms help generate funds so we can provide services to Native students.

    Upon acceptance of your child's enrollment form, you will receive newsletters that describe special opportunities for enrolled students. These include: academic tutoring, graduation/attendance support, as well as upcoming community events.

    Please download the ED 506 form and return it to your child's school.

    Please remember:  When the 506 form is completed (signed and dated), please remember to give a copy of your student's Tribal Enrollment info.  and/or copy of a CIB to your child's school. 

    The importance of having a 506 form and a copy of a tribal ID or copy of a CIB in powerschool and a copy of proof of tribal affiliation for native students in powerschool is helpful for them when they are older and they start applying for scholarships and grants.  Not only will this information follow them throughout their educational career, but it identifies that the student is in the ANE Program.  The ANE Program shares  a lot of Cultural information for students and families.  The ANE Program has monthly events that helps families and students within the community to grow and learn together.


    If you have any questions, please contact the ANE Dept.  We are glad to help.


    506 Form


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    ED 506 Sample


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    506 Letter to Parents

    Sample of ED 506 form filled out with Alaska Tribe information


Last Modified on January 9, 2020