Alaska Native Education News

2015 Native Heritage Celebration

  • The Alaska Native Education Program is pleased to announce a successful Naitve Heritage Celebration Potluck! The evening's festivities included Native Dance groups sharing their traditional songs and dance, and delicious moose soup! Doyon Limited's Vice President, Geri Simon, shared a few words with the audience before a prayer was given blessing the food. The ANE staff served dinner in the traditional potlatch style; moose soup, fried bread and spaghetti among the main dishes.

    The ANE Parent Advisory Committee shared the arrival of two new PAC Members, Princess Johnson and Eliza Winfrey. The PAC assisted Yatibaey Evans, ANE Coordinator, in announcing the winners to this year's ANE Literacy Challenge. Many students from across the district were recognized for their hard work and dedication to their submissions in this year's challenge.






    Congratulations to the new NIEA President Yatibaey Evans! Sworn in on October, 2016 at the national convention. Also congratulations to the new student representative on the NIEA board, Caity Tozier! One of our NYO coaches.