Alaska Native Education News

  •  2018 End of the Year Picnic

    The ANE End of the Year picnic was held on May 4, 2018 at Anne Wien Elementary. ANE families and staff all came together to celebrate the end of the school year! The night consisted of eating hamburgers, hotdogs and desserts, having fun on the playground, door prizes, Athabascan drumming and singing, and finally electing new and returning members to the Parent Advisory Committee.

    New Parent Advisory Committee Members

    Carry Orrison-Edwin

    Blanche Murphy

    The ANE program would like to thank our gracious sponsors for supporting the picnic! Our program relies on our local sponsors for monetary and material donations needed for the potlucks and various events we hold throughout the year. We thank you again and everything that is donated is used and very much needed!


    2018 Elizabeth Peratrovich Celebration & Grant Goals Discussion

    On February 8th, 2018 the ANE program celebrated Elizabeth Peratrovich Day and also had the ANE grant goals discussion at Ryan Middle School. The celebration consisted of a potluck style dinner, door prizes, Native singing and dancing from Inu-Yupiaq and a discussion about the ANE grant goals led by our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The night started off with a welcome from our ANE Director, Yatibaey Evans.

    The students went through the potluck line first to make plates for the Elders present. The potluck consisted of baked salmon, salmon chowder, salads, and many other great foods prepared by volunteers!

    The night went on to our grant goals discussion led by our Parent Advisory Committee. The committee discussed the importance of our program and had an open discussion with the parents to discuss how we can better serve the Alaska Native & American Indian students in our district. During the discussion we had members from the Fairbanks Native Association board show their support of ANE.

    We had a great time, and a huge thank you to our volunteer cooks, everyone who came, and to our sponsors for the fantastic door prizes! Our ANE 2018 Community Needs Assessment is still available and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions on our program.


    2017 Native Heritage Celebrations:

    The 2016 Native Heritage Celebration was held in North Pole and Fairbanks, Alaska. The North Pole Heritage Celebration was on November 3rd, 2017 at North Pole Middle School. The ANE tutors in North Pole did a wonderful job at bringing together the community and planning the event. The Fairbanks Native Heritage Celebration was held at Ryan Middle School on November 15th, 2016. Both events included a potluck style dinner and Native singing and dancing from the FNA/JOM Potlatch Dancers. It was fantastic to hear each of the participants in the FNA/JOM Dance group introduce themselves in their Native Language.

    The Fairbanks Native Heritage Celebration also announced the 2017 Literacy Challenge Winners at its event. Twenty-two winners were recognized and received prizes for their projects. The grade categories were K-1st. 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th, and 7th-12th. There were over three hundred fifty submissions for the 2017 Literacy Challenge. We congratulate each student who submitted their projects! We are happy that now many students have a deeper knowledge of Native Leaders and Elders.

    The Native Heritage Celebrations are an annual event in North Pole and Fairbanks. We enjoy all of our ANE students, families, and staff coming together for a night of celebrating Native culture & student success. We would like to thank our spectacular sponsors who donated the door prizes and winning prizes for the Literacy Challenge and also our volunteer cooks who made the potlucks a success. If you would like to volunteer or have suggestions for future events, please contact the ANE secretary.



2015 Native Heritage Celebration

  • The Alaska Native Education Program is pleased to announce a successful Naitve Heritage Celebration Potluck! The evening's festivities included Native Dance groups sharing their traditional songs and dance, and delicious moose soup! Doyon Limited's Vice President, Geri Simon, shared a few words with the audience before a prayer was given blessing the food. The ANE staff served dinner in the traditional potlatch style; moose soup, fried bread and spaghetti among the main dishes.

    The ANE Parent Advisory Committee shared the arrival of two new PAC Members, Princess Johnson and Eliza Winfrey. The PAC assisted Yatibaey Evans, ANE Coordinator, in announcing the winners to this year's ANE Literacy Challenge. Many students from across the district were recognized for their hard work and dedication to their submissions in this year's challenge.






    Congratulations to the new NIEA President Yatibaey Evans! Sworn in on October, 2016 at the national convention. Also congratulations to the new student representative on the NIEA board, Caity Tozier! One of our NYO coaches.