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    Read the following Campaign for Grade-Level Meeting, October 30, 2019 (Wednesday) at 12:30 p.m., 3830 South Cushman Street, Fairbanks Native Association Poldine Carlo Building Training Room


    Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska

    Over the last year, a group of community organizations have gathered together to form an exploratory committee to research and discuss the achievement gap amongst students in the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB). This committee has recognized our school district alone cannot meet all the needs of students and it is essential to provide academic and social supports and interventions to students as early in a student’s career as possible. We would like to join the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network to strengthen families and improve outcomes for children in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

    Evidence of Significant Cross-Sector Support:

    Our committee consists of community members from a wide range of institutions who have a vested interest in seeing Fairbanks join the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network.  Every meeting we have brings new leaders to the table, adding diverse perspectives and insights. 

    Fairbanks North Star Borough School District

    Fairbanks Native Association

    North Star Borough Public Library

    Literacy Council of Alaska

    Fairbanks Children’s Museum


    Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Alaska

    Imagination Library

    Boys and Girls Club of Fairbanks

    Head Start

    Fairbanks Children’s Museum

    Alaska 529

    Indigenous Language Project

    Office of Representative Grier Hopkins

    Tanana Chiefs Conference

    Barnes and Noble


    Baseline Data:

    The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) is the third largest school district in Alaska. The District operates 35 schools, of which 19 are elementary schools. Currently, there are approximately 7,400 children between birth and age 5, and 23,700 school-age children in the North Star Borough.[1] Compulsory school attendance in Alaska begins at age 7, making Kindergarten and in some cases, 1st grade, optional. When we look at grade-level reading in the FNSB School District, this disparity is visible again. By the end of 3rd grade, 73.8% of students were reading at grade-level in 2019. However, only 59.2% of Alaska Native/American Indian students were reading at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade, 64.4% of economically disadvantaged students and 66.7% of english learner students were reading at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade.[2]  As we look to graduation rates, we see the same troubling disparity. Graduation rates in the Fairbanks North Star

    Borough in 2019 sits at 74.1%, while the graduation rates for Alaska Native/American Indian students is only 60.3%, 63.8% for economically disadvantaged students, and 50% for english learner students.[3]

    Students in the FNSBSD are not meeting performance standards. Of particular concern Alaska Native/American Indian students are underperforming compared to all other ethnic groups, and economically disadvantaged students and english learner students are also underperforming. Reading assessment data supports this analysis as 85% of FNSBSD Alaska Native/American Indian children entering 3rd grade are not reading at grade level, with a significant portion of this group considered medium to high risk for potentially dropping out of school.

    These numbers demand action. Joining the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network will aid us in taking this action as a community. 

    Current Programming in the North Star Borough: 

    Various community resources have programs in place to promote School Readiness, School Attendance, and Summer Learning. Individually, each of these organizations and initiatives is working hard to improve outcomes for children in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

    School Readiness

    The FNSB Public Libraries provide infant, toddler, and preschool story times to get parents and their children engaged with reading before school. The Fairbanks Children’s Museum has a book gifting program where each child may take a book home with them after each visit to the museum. The Museum has preschool oriented programming focused around both art and science on a weekly basis and has a twice-monthly program called Baby Mingle that connects new parents or caregivers with community resources with a focus on education. Imagination Library is present in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, bringing reading materials to the doorsteps of children aged birth to five. The Museum of the North at the University of Alaska has preschool programming for children not yet in school. The FNSB School District operates Special Education Pre-K classrooms as well as a Pre-K 19-day intensive summer program that is focused on literacy and is available to children in the Borough through a lottery.

    School Attendance 

    The Early Childhood Development Commission puts on a Health Fair each fall that is meant to help families identify any health issues their children might be facing, from taking care of immunizations to doing eye tests. Addressing health problems early, increases school attendance over the course of the year. The Boys and Girls Club evaluates each participant’s school attendance and has a program called, Power Hour, where students reflect on their school day and complete homework. The program uses mentoring to encourage regular school attendance. The school district’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers provide after school academic support and enrichment at nine schools with evidence that the programming has a direct positive impact on school attendance. 


    Summer Learning 

    Many organizations in our community work to avoid the “Summer Slide” by keeping students engaged and learning all summer long. The Migrant Education Department at FNSB School District provides scholarships for summer camps with academic components. The School District also has a summer meal program, a STEAM summer academy (21st​​ Century Community Learning Centers), and the Imagine Summer Reading Club (English Learner Program). Various schools have spring book distributions and book swaps to keep reading materials in kids’ hands all summer. Fairbanks Native Association annually hosts a “Camp-Read-A-Lot” which encourages children to read and connects children and their families with the resources they can make use of over the summer. The FNSB Public Library sponsors a summer reading and learning program that encourages school-age children to read throughout the summer. The Boys and Girls Club is open all summer long with educational programming for all attendees. 

    Process and Goals:

    In order to mobilize and sustain community action on grade-level reading we will have continued conversations with parents, key stakeholders, educators, health care providers, and social service agencies about achievement gaps in literacy and be an advocate for change. Our plan is to partner with organizations in the FNSB already making a difference in the lives of students and build upon the momentum created by their efforts in the community. Our goal is to promote school attendance, school readiness and summer learning with children who are identified as most at risk. In the process of developing a Community Solutions Action Plan we will develop specific goals, objectives, and outcomes. 

    We look forward to becoming a member of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. Working with our committee representing a cross-sector of community leaders, we are excited for the opportunity to improve educational outcomes for families in Fairbanks.





    Fairbanks, Alaska 

    [1]U.S. Census Bureau and State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development  

    [2] Fairbanks North Star Borough School District MAP Assessment Results 

    [3] Fairbanks North Star Borough School District 4-Year Graduation Rates


    Click Here to Read:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LBn9xzJemjaQq_X5KnopyeKFzwfGirKvulYAZCNNy6U/edit#slide=id.p1  Join the Campain 


    Click Here: November is Native Heritage Month


    Local, State and National Native News:

    Exciting news from the National Indian Education Association & Exciting News for Fairbanks!

    Yatibaey Evans

    The National Indian Education Association Leadership extended their sincerest congratulations to Yatibaey Evans, Director of the Alaska Native Education Program on being honored as a Past President of the National Indian Education Association. Yatibaey's dedication to our ANE Progrom students, educators, parents, and community members in this community has shown across the nation and is what made Yatibaey a valued and distinguished member of the NIEA Board of Directors. The NIEA thanks Yatibaey for her commitment and service to Native Education.  Yatibaey was honored during the NIEA convention as a NIEA past-president.
    The 2019 NIEA Convention took place from October 8 – 12, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.
    The 2019 NIEA Convention theme, “Celebrating 50 Years of Building Education Nations:  Strengthening and Advancing Native Control of Native Education” recognizes the role educators and communities play in shaping the future leaders of Native education. The five-day convention will not only celebrate the successes realized in Native education over the past 50 years but also look forward to the future as we continue to make strides in ensuring that Native students thrive in the classroom and beyond.
    For previous pictures and posts of Yatibaey Evans in action at the annual National Indian Education Association Convention see:
    Congratulations Yatibaey Evans for your continuous hard work and support to the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District's Alaska Native Education Program, Students, Families, and Community.  


    More Exciting News from the ANE Program Director:

    Attend and participate in all the ANE events for the school year and you win a prize as most attending/participating student, or, group of students at the End of the school year.

    Students, Group(s) of Students will be recognized at the End of Year Picnic on Friday, May 1, 2019.

    The ANE Events beginning with the 9th Annual Literacy Challenge 

    BONUS Event for ANE Student Participants:  Celebration of Cultures Potluck

    at Ryan Middle School, Thursday, Sept. 12th.  Cultural Drumbeats. Woa Hey, Let's Go!

    Thursday, October 14th, all day:  Celebrate Indigenoug Peoples Day

    Friday, October 25, 5:00PM.  The deadline for all Literacy Challenge submissions

    Thursday, November 14, 2019 Native Heritage Celebration at Ryan Middle School

    Thursday, February 20, 2019  Celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

    Friday, May 1st, 2019 End of Year ANE Picnic


    Indigenous Peoples Day

    Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, All Day Monday October 14, 2019   





     9th Annual Literacy Challenge


    Click on Kindergarten thru 6th grade  guidelines

    Click on 7th thru 12th grade interview guidelines


    ANE is looking for a Student Representative to represent all ANE Students

    Seeking Student Rep


    Congratulations Justina Wassillie of Effie Kokrine Charter School.   Click Here: https://www.facebook.com/fsdk12/photos/a.2306781829533617/2306782086200258/?type=3&theater

    2019 End of the Year Picnic

    This year the ANE End of Year Picnic is set for May 3rd at Anne Wien Elementary. ANE families and staff will gether together to celebrate the end of the school year! The picnic is an exciting event.  There wil be hamburgers, hotdogs and desserts.  We anticipate the younger ones to be having fun on the playground.  There will be door prizes, Athabascan drumming and singing, and finally the election of new and returning members to the Parent Advisory Committee.  Be sure and mark your calendars.


    The ANE program relies on our local sponsors for monetary and material donations needed for the potlucks and various events we hold throughout the year.

    We thank all our past and present sponsors again and again for everything that is donated.  It is used and very much needed!

     2019 Elizabeth Peratrovich Celebration & Grant Goals Discussion

    On February 15, 2019 the ANE program will celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich Day. The celebration will start off with a potluck style dinner, door prizes, Native singing and dancing from Inu-Yupiaq and a discussion about the ANE grant goals led by our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). The night will start off with a welcome from our ANE Director, Yatibaey Evans.

    Students will go through the potluck line first to make plates for the Elders present. Baked salmon, salmon chowder, salads, and many other great foods prepared by volunteers will be one of the main dishes share at the potluck.

    Grant goals discussions will be led by our Parent Advisory Committee. The committee will discuss the importance of our program and will have an open discussion with the parents to discuss how we can better serve the Alaska Native & American Indian students in our district. During the discussion we would like to invite members from the Fairbanks Native Association board show their support of ANE community and program.  

    We invite all to come together to celebrate and have a great time.  We will need volunteer cooks to help cook for the event.  Come and win fantastic door prizes! Our ANE Community Needs Assessment will be made available and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions to help better our program.  

    Last School Year...

     2017 Native Heritage Celebrations:

    The 2016 Native Heritage Celebration was held in North Pole and Fairbanks, Alaska. The North Pole Heritage Celebration was on November 3rd, 2017 at North Pole Middle School. The ANE tutors in North Pole did a wonderful job at bringing together the community and planning the event. The Fairbanks Native Heritage Celebration was held at Ryan Middle School on November 15th, 2016. Both events included a potluck style dinner and Native singing and dancing from the FNA/JOM Potlatch Dancers. It was fantastic to hear each of the participants in the FNA/JOM Dance group introduce themselves in their Native Language.

    The Fairbanks Native Heritage Celebration also announced the 2017 Literacy Challenge Winners at its event. Twenty-two winners were recognized and received prizes for their projects. The grade categories were K-1st. 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th, and 7th-12th. There were over three hundred fifty submissions for the 2017 Literacy Challenge. We congratulate each student who submitted their projects! We are happy that now many students have a deeper knowledge of Native Leaders and Elders.

    The Native Heritage Celebrations are an annual event in North Pole and Fairbanks. We enjoy all of our ANE students, families, and staff coming together for a night of celebrating Native culture & student success. We would like to thank our spectacular sponsors who donated the door prizes and winning prizes for the Literacy Challenge and also our volunteer cooks who made the potlucks a success. If you would like to volunteer or have suggestions for future events, please contact the ANE secretary.



Alaska Native Education News

Elizabeth Peratrovich Celebration

  • “No law will eliminate crimes but at least you as legislators 

    can assert to the world  that you recognize the evil of

    the present situation and speak your intent to help us

    overcome discrimination.”  -Elizabeth Peratrovich

    You are invited to come and join in the Celebration of Alaska Native Rights.  There will be Native dancing, dinner, and door prizes. The ANE Grant Goals will be discussed.  Come and be a part of the celebration. Please bring a dish to share.  

    Elizabeth Peratrovich

    Born: July 4, 1911, Petersburg, AK

    Died: December 1, 1958, Seattle, WA

    Other name: Kaaxgal.aat

    Parent(s): Andrew and Mary Wanamaker

    EducationKetchikan High SchoolSheldon Jackson















    Congratulations to the new NIEA President Yatibaey Evans! Sworn in on October, 2016 at the national convention. Also congratulations to the new student representative on the NIEA board, Caity Tozier! One of our NYO coaches.

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