Vendor Information

  • Vendors, look here for information on selling to the school district: Bidder application, W-9 Form, etc.

    Authority to Purchase
    School District employees are not allowed to commit District funds (i.e. place orders) without an authorized Purchase Order.  Purchase Orders and Purchase Contracts may be authorized by the FNSBSD Superintendent, CFO, or designated Purchasing Official. Acceptance of an order placed without such authorization may jeopardize your payment.

    Formal Competition
    For purchases exceeding $100k in value, price competition must be documented via formal solicitation (IFB/RFP). Contracts for goods exceeding $100k must be approved by the FNSB School Board.

    Semi-formal Competition
    For purchases of items that cost $1,000 or more, price competition must be documented. Depending on the specifics of the order, this may be accomplished via electronic mail, documented telephone quotes, or by a written request for quotations.

    Small Purchases
    Purchases under $1,000 can be made without documented competition. End users may use their own discretion when selecting a source for such purchases. The Purchasing Department reserves the right to change sources when it is in the best interest of the School District.

    Substitute W-9 Instructions & Vendor Registration Form
    W9 Form
    Bidder Application

    Tax Exempt Letter

    See Purchasing Forms, FNSBSD Service Contract for insurance requirements.

Last Modified on September 10, 2020