• Curricular Components Setting The Watershed School Apart From Traditional Schools

    "... the great waste in school comes from the child’s inability to utilize the experiences he gets outside the school in any complete and free way within the school itself; while at the other hand, he is unable to apply in daily life what he is learning at school."
    John Dewey, The School and Society (1899)

    The Watershed School fosters the development of students with a strong sense of place who will be prepared to serve as stewards of their community. By gaining a understanding of the history, government, culture, and ecology of Alaska's interior, students will achieve academic excellence and expand their competency to the rest of the world. At every opportunity, we provide students with meaningful explorations and activities outside the classroom. We will teach each child with care, encouraging imaginative work and play, analytical and critical thinking skills, and a sense of social and ecological responsibility.

    In addition to our science and social science curriculum based upon place-based education The Watershed School has distinctive curricular approaches for the education of our children of the Tanana Valley.

Last Modified on July 23, 2015