Migrant Services

  • Services can be obtained by contacting our Migrant Records Manager or Recruitment and Family Engagement Assistant.

    Here is what we can provide:

    • Program tutoring for middle and high school students in need of additional academic support
    • A variety of events, including:
      • Back to School for families
      • Book Voucher Giveaway
      • High School Readiness
      • College and Career Readiness
      • Preschool Playdates
    • Summer Enrichment Scholarships to attend educational summer camps or the enrichment classes offered by the school district
    • Academic enrichment activities during the school year as needed
    • Eligibility for district's free lunch program
    • Swim lessons
    • Life vests for students

  • UAF 365 CAMPS

  • Family Engagement Speaker Series

  • Preschool Playdates

  • College & Career Readiness

Parent Advisory Committee - Migrant Education

  • What is the Migrant Ed Program Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)?

    The PAC is a group of parents and guardians like you, who want to help make the Migrant Education Program better. We want to hear from you because your thoughts and ideas are really important!

    Why is your input important?

    • Your ideas are crucial! They help the people who run the program understand what you and your child need. This way, we can make sure the program helps your child as much as possible.

    Who can join?

    • Any parent or guardian with a child in the Migrant Ed Program can join. You can join at any time. We'd love to have you!

    How often do we meet?

    • We get together twice a year. These meetings are a chance to talk about what we need, plan things, and share new ideas.

    What do we do in the committee?

    • We figure out what your child needs most. We share our thoughts and ideas to make the program even better. This could be about school work, getting help with other things, or being part of the community. We plan how to help your child in the best way.

    Why is working together important?

    • We want to make sure your child feels good at school and at home. So, we work with the teachers and the people who run the program to make sure everything is just right.

    Can we help others too?

    • Yes! We can also speak up for all the parents and kids in the Migrant Ed Program. We want everyone to know how special our community is and make sure everyone gets the help they need.
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