ELL Specialists

  • At high schools with significant ELL populations, ELL Specialists collaborate with teachers to develop strategies for accommodating ELL students in mainstream classrooms. They provide information on effective methods and materials for use with ELLs. The ELL Specialists also help determine appropriate scheduling and class placements for ELLs.

    ELL Specialists:

    • Collaborate with content area teachers at the high school level to integrate ELL teaching strategies with the mainstream curriculum
    • Teach credit-bearing English Second Language (ESL) courses when enrollment warrants
    • Screen students for program eligibility
    • Provide direct instruction to ELLs using culturally and linguistically appropriate techniques and materials
    • Facilitate communication between school and non-English speaking households
    • Ensure equal educational opportunities for program students
    • Help students resolve cross-cultural conflicts
    • Coordinate services from Language Interpreters (LIs) and ELL Tutor/Instructors

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Last Modified on October 6, 2023