• soccer   Boys & Girls Soccer season is August & September each year.


    Complete FYSA Form, Consent Form Form, Sports Physical, Concussion Form

    We are a club, so we are flexible and can meet your needs. Players CAN be in cross-country running and/or track and/or basketball as well as soccer. We will work out the conflicts so everyone is generally given choices.

    We plan to just play the games with little or no practice other than on-field before, during and after games. All Games will be played on the FYSA complex [Davis & Wilbur]. Parking is usually in the Davis lot.

    There is no transportation provided for this club sport.

    All players must be transported to games and picked up after the games AT FYSA FIELDS

    Please pick up your athlete within 10 minutes of end of game. Games last 65 minutes (two 30 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime) thus the pick up time for the 4:30 game is 5:40 and the pick up time for the 5:45 game is 7:00pm.
    Questions? Feel Free to Contact Coach Bill Mitchell by email: wbajm@yahoo.com or phone: 479-5666.


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