New Opportunities

  • Alaska Works Partnership Summer Construction Training

    Open to all graduated seniors and incoming seniors (Must be 18 yrs old)

    Alaska Works Partnership Summer Construction Training

    Fairbanks Native Association

    Allied Health Pathways Program Application

    The Allied Health Pathways Program will result in post-secondary credits for participating students in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) as well as attainment of Health Industry-recognized credentials and certifications. It is a partnership between Fairbanks Native Association’s Johnson-O’Malley program and the FNSBSD.


    American Red Cross

    First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST)

    The FAST course will be offered at no charge to students attending high school. Students that complete the course will obtain a two-year certification.  The course will provide training on how to:

    Recognize and stop a life-threatening bleeding emergency
    Communicate effectively during an emergency
    Safeguard rescuers and the trauma victim
    Safely position the trauma victim
    Apply direct pressure and tourniquets


    15 Best Jobs for Trade School Graduates 

    This guide introduces the best trade jobs, detailing each position's requirements, earning potential, and general duties and responsibilities. 


CTE Scholarships

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