ABEL Collaboration Process

  •  ABEL Referrals


    Step 1:  Complete online ABEL Referral Packet or download and print this ABEL Referral Packet . Packet must be completed in its entirety before submitting to email address listed below.

    Step 2:  Send completed referral packet to abel@k12northstar.org 

    Step 3:  ABEL will review the referral packet.

    • Once referral packet is reviewed and all requirements for ABEL services have been met, a technician will be assigned to the cases within 10 business days.
    • Packets that are not completed in their entirety will be returned.

    Step 4:  Case assigned to ABEL Technician.

    Step 5:  The ABEL technician will contact the person making the referral, as well as the principal, within 5 business days.  

    Step 6:  An intake interview will be scheduled with the school team.

    Step 7:  Two to three observations will be scheduled and conducted. 

    Step 8:  A Service plan will be developed and a meeting with the school team will be scheduled within 10 business days after the last observation.

    Step 9:  Training will be provided to school staff on programs, resources and recommendations identified in the Service Plan.

    Step 10: Implementation Plan Review Meeting will be scheduled and the Implementation Report will be shared with the team.

    Step 11: Based on the information presented at the Interim Review Meeting either a Maintenance Report or a Summary Report will be developed. 



Last Modified on September 15, 2020