ABEL Collaboration Process


    I.  Complete ABEL referral packet in its entirety.  ABEL Referral Packet

    II.  Send completed referral packet to abel@k12northstar.org.

    III.  ABEL will review the referral packet. 

    • Once referral packet is reviewed and all requirements for ABEL services have been met, a technician will be assigned to the case within 10 business days.
    • Packets that are not completed in their entirety will be returned.

    IV.  Case assigned to ABEL Technician.

    V.  The ABEL technician will contact the person making the referral, as well as the principal, within 5 business days.

    VI.  An intake interview will be scheduled with the school team.

    VII.  2-3 observations will be scheduled and conducted.

    VIII.  Service Plan will be developed and a meeting with the school team will be scheduled within 10 business days after the last observation.

    IX.  Training will be provided to school staff on programs, resources and recommendations identified in the Service Plan.

    X.  Implementation Plan Review Meeting will be scheduled and the Implementation Report will be shared with the team.

    XI.  Based on the information presented at the Interim Review Meeting either a Maintenance Report or a Summary Report will be developed. 




Last Modified on August 24, 2018