• Application Process

    Star of the North Secondary School is a public school of choice. Any student who is eligible to attend grades 7-12 in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District may submit an application through the Centralized Application Portal. Enrollment at Star of the North is limited at each grade level.


    Spring Lottery

    A lottery will be held each spring to determine enrollment for the following year. Available seats in each grade level are filled through a random, computerized process. Any lottery applications in excess of available seats will be populated to separate wait lists for each grade through the same process.

    • Staff Preference: Children of FEA & ESSA staff who are employed at Star of the North are permitted to attend Star of the North regardless of lottery outcome in accordance with current negotiated agreements.
    • Sibling Preference: Siblings of current Star of the North Students will be awarded preference in the lottery process.


    Late Applications

    Once the Spring Lottery has been run and all applicants have been awarded seats or placed on their respective wait lists, we will re-open the application process for late applications. Late applications will populate directly to our wait lists in the highest available spot for their grade in the order in which they are received.

    • Example: If the Spring Lottery has filled all available 9th grade seats and added three applicants to the 9th grade wait list, then the first Late Application for 9th grade would fill the fourth spot on the wait list.


    Continued Enrollment

    Once accepted through the Spring Lottery/Late Application process and enrolled at Star of the North, students remain enrolled in subsequent years dependent upon attendance and adherence to the contractual agreement.


    Student Withdrawal

    If a student withdraws from Star of the North to attend another school or homeschool, they must again be selected through the Spring Lottery or Late Application process in order to return.


    Please feel free to contact us at 907-490-9025 if you have any questions or require assistance with the Spring Lottery or Late Application process.


    Submit an Application: Centralized Application Portal


Last Modified on August 27, 2020