• Eleventh and Twelfth Grades

    Eleventh and twelfth graders make up a vibrant community with self-directed learning, small-group instruction and individualized tutoring. Teachers and students work closely together to meet curriculum goals. Students seek help from their teachers as they need assistance and frequently assist others in need of help. Every student is matched with a staff member who serves as an adult advocate who intervenes in areas of academic or behavioral difficulties, monitors attendance, follows up on class work and sees to the student’s overall well-being. The atmosphere is friendly and collegial.

    This high school program places a strong emphasis on student independence, adult guidance and advocacy, as well as individual achievement. Students at Star of the North Secondary spend over half of their time in school doing independent learning. Time spent in school is for intentional, concentrated work. Star of the North expects students to cover and master the educational material in order to earn the high school credits. Students who graduate from Star of the North Secondary are self-sufficient, able to realize satisfaction and success, and are prepared to participate in the world around them.


    The high school program emphasizes:

    Tutor helping Students

    • flexible scheduling
    • academic achievement
    • proficiency on state mandated assessments
    • individual responsibility
    • peer cooperation
    • peaceful resolution of conflict
    • school-wide community building
    • leadership training


    In addition, high school students:

    • learn in a specialized educational setting where students come first
    • have the opportunity to learn at their own pace through flexible scheduling
    • work with teachers on a one-on-one or small group basis
    • communicate freely with teachers and fellow students
    • meet high academic standards
    • earn a FNSBSD high school diploma
    • develop a life plan for education beyond secondary school with career, college, and personal counseling 


    As some of our students graduate mid-year, applications are accepted throughout the school year and vacancies are filled from the wait list as they become available. See our Application Process page to the left for more information.

Last Modified on February 1, 2024