SchoolCafé $ Manage Your Child's Cafeteria Account

  • Simple. Powerful. 
    Make payments, view purchase history, and receive low balance alerts.  For convenience, setup automatic payments to replenish their cafeteria funds!

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    What's so special about SchoolCafé?
    SchoolCafé was designed with parents, AND students in mind. We've done a lot of work and we know you'll be as excited about all of the cool new stuff designed to increase parent and student engagement, and ultimately meal participation. 

    Immediate Benefits:

    • View your student's cafeteria account balance and purchases.
    • Make secure online payments anytime, anywhere.
    • Set up hassle-free automatic payments for each student.
    • Receive low balance e-mail messages.
    • No more lost money.
    • Ensures payment applied for school meal program.
    • Toll free phone and email customer support.
    • Prepay by using your Visa or Mastercard.
    • Program available to all families and use is optional.

    Instead of the old fashioned mode of lunch payment systems where students fall in line to reach the cash register and find cash from wallets, pockets, backpacks or envelopes to pay for purchases, students can simply enter their student number for a faster transaction. This has enormous benefits for everyone! The meal lines move faster, thereby providing students more time to eat. Less cash is handled by both students and cashiers. Provides for improved accuracy in sales and processing.

    Register with SchoolCafe' for a convenient way to maintain money in your child's lunch account using a credit card. This is a secure site for online transactions and you can easily monitor your child's lunch choices as well as the account balance. Parent Online is a contracted vendor that charges a 5% convenience fee per transaction. If you have any questions, or trouble logging in, contact or call 855-PAY2EAT (855-729-2328).

    SchoolCafé Quick Resource Guide

    SchoolCafé Parent Information Release Notes June 2018

    SchoolCafe Flyer
    PDF flyer to print and post!

    SchoolCafe' Support Contact:
    Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST
    Telephone: 855-PAY2EAT (855-729-2328)


    What about existing ParentOnline Accounts?
    All previously registered user accounts will remain unchanged. Parents will still use the same login credentials (username and password). There is no need for parents to create new accounts or take any extra steps. Also, SchoolCafe' will be sending a message to parents to let them know that the name and look of the website will be changing (including the name that appears on their bank statements for payments).

    What about the existing ParentOnline website and app?
    After 8/1/17 the website will send users to the new SchoolCafé website. This will redirect users who instinctively may still go to ParentOnline. For app users they receive a message when opening the existing ParentOnline about the switch and we'll link them to the new SchoolCafé app to download.

    What about existing features?
    They're still there! We've maintained the same features for current customers who are using payments and cafeteria account management.

    Mission!  Help parents and school districts to communicate and share information as they raise a new generation of healthy students.

    More Schools Converting to Cashless Cafeterias Nationwide!

Last Modified on November 30, 2018