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    High School Activities Handbook



    To be allowed to practice or tryout: YOU MUST Have a recent physical uploaded to, all forms signed in by the student and all forms signed by the parent!




    Are you eligible to play or go to practice? (late/absent, grade, travel during the school day)

    The policy states: Students must be in attendance the entire school day (all class periods for which they are scheduled) in order to practice or participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity. For activities or events that are scheduled on non-school days or weekends, students are required to attend every class on the last school day prior to the activity. When a student is absent from a class the student cannot participate in any same-day practice or games.


    What this means:


    If you are absent or more than 10 minutes late to any class or not in school for a period of time, you are not eligible to practice or play that night!


    What if I have a doctor's appointment that day? If your parent or guardian calls 24 hours in advance, then you are eligible to play that night.


    What if you forgot to notify the office 24 hours in advance? Then you are ineligible and cannot play or practice that night.


    What if I call the office 24 hours in advance and no one answers? Then leave a message. All of our messages are emailed and kept as a record so that they do not get lost! If you left a message 24 hours before the appointment-you are good, eligible and you can play and practice!


    What if I felt sick and went home for a little while and then felt better. Can I practice? -No, you are ineligible and cannot play or practice.


    What if I was late coming back from lunch? Then if you are more than 10 minutes late-you are considered absent and you are ineligible and cannot play or practice.


    Grade eligibility: To be eligible for a sport or extra-curricular activity. You must have at least a 2.0 GPA from the previous quarter and no more than 1 F.


    Travel eligibility- In order to travel for a sport or activity during the school day, you cannot have any F's in PowerSchool or be marked absent/late for any classes prior to departure.


    What if I turned in all my work but my teacher hasn't graded it yet? Then it is your responsibility to have your teacher sign off on a PowerSchool printout that you won't have an F when the assignments are graded. It is your responsibility as a student to turn it into either Ms. Rice or Ms. Bernheim in the front office. They will let you know if you can then travel during the school day.



    Fall 2023

    Cross Country Running: 

    First Practice: July  Noon at Hutchison High School.

    Coach:Robert Marcotte: 907-322-0342



    First Practice: July 

    Coach: Hailey Messick:

    Coach: Caitlin Deutsch:


    Flag Football:

    First Practice:  Turf Fields, Davis Road

    Coach: Rhonda Driscoll, 503-250-0266


    Swim & Dive: 

    First Practice: August 

    Coach: Robert Vollmer,



    First Practice: August

    Coach: Melonet Martin: Coach Nettie 



    First Practice: August : ​​Mandatory rifle meeting for all interested students August  , 3-4 pm at TVSA, parents welcome.  Tryouts first 3 days of practice. Practices Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri at TVSA from 3-5pm. TVSA is located right off Airport Rd across from Fred Meyer West.

    Coach: Audrey Lammers:


    First Practice: September 

    Coach: Skyler Evans:



    First Practice: September 

    Coach: Mike Hatfield:



    All students involved in Alaska School Activity Association (ASAA) sanctioned activities must complete all eligibility forms and have a recent physical. Physicals are good for 18 months.

    *Complete all of your eligibility documents by navigating to If you have an existing account, just update all of your information. If you are new to PlanetHS, students and parents BOTH create an account and link them. ALL students and guardians must complete this process in order to participate and MUST BE DONE prior to the first practice. If you need help please see the Activities Coordinator.

    *Students with outstanding fees, per district and ASAA policies, are ineligible to participate in Hutchison activities.

    Copies of all forms may be located at Resources - Forms and Documents. Hard copies of all forms may be requested from the front office




    All students and parents should be familiar with the district's High School Student Activities Handbook and the Hutchison High School Student Handbook.  Please be aware that coaches may have their own policies regarding grade checks, practice, and eligibility above and beyond the minimum requirements in the handbooks.


    Each activity will determine the associated fee.

    Fees must be paid PRIOR to participation in the first event and are non-refundable.

    If you wish to solicit sponsorships from community members, please use the sponsorship letter, which is available in the front office.



  • A Full Copy of the Gym Schedule is Available Here

  • Activities Coordinator

    Lynn Bernheim

    907-479-2261 Ext. 35515