Additional Safety Information

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

    Staff members are trained yearly on how to properly handle situations where there might be blood borne pathogens. Staff members in categories more at-risk of coming into contact with these are provided more in-depth training each year.

    Bullying Prevention

    Many of the personnel in our schools have been trained on bullying prevention programs. One program that is used by several schools is the Olweus program. For more information about what your student’s school has in place to address bullying, please contact the school’s administrator.


    Connect Ed

    Connect Ed is a communication system that allows the district and schools to send out simultaneous messages to parents and staff. Messages can be sent out via phone or email; this is one reason why it is vital that student information sheets are kept up-to-date.

    Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)

    Crisis Prevention Intervention is a program used to train many of our staff members on how to de-escalate situations. Designated staff complete 8 hours of training, initially, and then must be re-trained on an annual basis.

    Custodian Manual

    The custodians are trained on all of the aspects of their job duties and responsibilities. This document, which was developed by our Facilities Management Department, is a useful resource whenever questions might come up. For more information please call 452-4461, ext. 11224.

    Emergency Flip Charts

    Each classroom in the district has an emergency flip chart that is visible and gives directions on how to respond to a variety of situations.

    Health and Safety Program Manual

    The district, in collaboration with the Fairbanks North Star Borough, has a Health and Safety Program Manual that provides guidance and direction on a variety of topics from how to lift objects to how to clean up bodily fluids.

    Nursing Manual

    The district has a nursing manual that gives direction and protocol information on how nurses are to handle various situations. For more information about the nursing manual please contact the nurse coordinator at 452-2000, ext. 253.

    Pandemic Flu Plan

    The district has a pandemic flu plan that was developed with guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Alaska State Department of Health and Social Services, and local entities.


    Parent Online Resources

    The National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) provides a compilation of online resources for parents, teachers and others working with children about coping with violence and talking to children about tragedies they learn about in the media. These links provide information that can be used with students of all ages.