Bus Rules

    BUS CONDUCT: (Ref. Admin. Regs. 761 )

    Alaska statutes do not mandate pupil transportation in this state. School bus transportation is provided as a courtesy and is a privilege, not a right. If a student’s conduct is such that the health, safety, comfort, or the well-being of others is jeopardized, on or off the bus, a school district official may deny the privilege of riding the bus. The school bus driver is in charge of the bus and all its passengers and has total authority and responsibility. Only designated school officials are authorized to suspend transportation privileges.


    1. Students are required to ride the bus assigned to them and to board and disembark at their assigned bus stop. Students may be transported to an already established bus stop or on a different bus on an occasional basis. Parents should contact the school office with their request for a Bus Stop Deviation. The student must give the driver a Bus Stop Deviation issued by the school office authorizing this transportation. Requests for students to be transported to new bus stops must be directed to the transportation department.
    2. The bus driver has full responsibility and authority for the safety of students while they are being transported on the bus.
    3. Parents may not remove a student from a bus, after the student has boarded, without the approval of a school representative.
    4. Parents may not accompany their children on the bus to or from school.
    5. Parents are responsible for damages to the school bus if caused by their children.
    6. The driver will assign seats for elementary, middle, and high school students. 
    7. Items that can be held in the student’s lap or under the student’s seat in the bus may be transported on the bus. Large musical instruments may not be transported on the bus. 
    8. Only electronic equipment that is allowed on school grounds is allowed on the bus, such as cell phones, radios or stereos, ( etc.)
    9. Ice skates must have protective guards on the blades or be placed in an appropriate box. Paper bags are not adequate blade protection. Skis, ski poles and other such sharp edged objects should not be transported unless previously coordinated with the school principal and the bus contractor. Sleds and plastic toboggans may not be transported.
    10. No animals, of any kind, are allowed on the bus at any time.
    11. Any items not permitted at school may not be transported on the bus.
    12. Students will be issued a School Bus Misconduct Citation by the bus driver for infractions of the rules. The school bus driver and the school principal are responsible for handling behavioral problems occurring on the school bus, but only the school principal, or his/her designee, has the authority to suspend a student’s bus riding privileges.
    13. Suspension from bus transportation does not excuse the student from school attendance.


    1. Students must always follow the school bus driver’s instructions. The driver’s primary concern is for student safety.
    2. Students should exercise good manners, caution and consideration for other people. Show respect for the driver, the bus, other students and other adults.
    3. Students should dress properly for the weather. 
    4. Students may not have anything in their possession that may cause injury to others. 
    5. Students will not transport any items on the bus that are not permitted at school.
    6. Students will obtain a bus deviation for getting off at a different stop than normal.
    7. Students will sit in their assigned seats.
    8. Students will take bus route change information home to parents.


    1. Dress properly for the weather.
    2. Be outside at your stop three (3) minutes before your scheduled bus stop time. Your school bus driver has a schedule to keep and cannot wait for you. Be on time for the bus.
    3. Stay a safe distance from the roadway, and stay away from the bus until it stops.
    4. Line up at the place designated by the bus driver when the school bus approaches.
    5. Stay out of the danger zone--don’t play in or near the road or push others.
    6. Let the smaller children board first.


    1. Students must cross the roadway approximately fifteen (15) feet in front of the bus and only when the driver instructs the pupils to cross. Watch for traffic. Stop immediately if the bus driver sounds the horn or tells you to stop over the loud speaker.
    2. Students boarding from the right must wait for the driver’s command to board.
    3. Always use the handrail and go up and down the steps one at a time.
    4. Don’t push, crowd or disturb others.
    5. When boarding, go directly to your assigned seat and be seated.
    6. After you leave the bus, go directly home or to the assigned place.


    1. In general, classroom conduct will be observed. The school bus is not a playground, save horseplay and wrestling for another place and time.
    2. Place books and other gear in your lap.
    3. Avoid loud talking, or anything else that might distract the driver.
    4. Do not sit in the driver’s seat or interfere with him/her in any manner at any time.
    5. Keep quiet near railroad tracks so that the driver can listen for trains.
    6. Keep head, arms and body inside the bus. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    7. Do not throw objects inside of or out of the bus.
    8. No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus. Do not chew or spit tobacco. Do not have in your possession, or make use of, alcohol, drugs or controlled substances on the bus.
    9. Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop and get off only at your assigned bus stop.
    10. Do not open windows without permission; maximum two (2) notches.
    11. Do not damage the bus and always assist in keeping it clean.
    12. Take a seat and remain seated, facing forward, while the bus is moving. Keep your feet on the floor in front of the seat, not in the aisle. 
    13. Keep the aisle and the exits clear.
    14. Fighting with other students and/or attacking other students or the driver is prohibited.
    15. Use of abusive or vulgar language, or directing such language toward other students or adults is prohibited.
    16. The emergency door and exit controls may be used only during supervised drills or actual emergencies.

    Drivers are responsible for maintaining order on the buses. Administering sanctions for misconduct on the school bus is the responsibility of the principal at the school where the student is enrolled. Only the principal or designee has the authority to suspend a student’s bus riding privileges. It is the responsibility of the principal to advise parents when a student has been suspended. In the event of misbehavior on the part of the student riding the bus, the bus driver may issue the student a “Bus Misconduct Citation” for minor and/or major infractions. The driver will complete a School Bus Misconduct Citation. Three (3) copies will be forwarded to the Principal. The Principal will forward one (1) copy to the parents and return one (1) copy to the school bus contractor indicating any disciplinary action taken. The following courses of action are considered as minimum:

    1. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, the first misconduct citation may result in a warning, or other disciplinary action, up to and including temporary or permanent suspension of bus privileges by the principal.
    2. The second misconduct citation may result in the imposition of “PROBATIONARY” status. This process will include counseling with the student and official notification to the parents of the probationary action. Bus riding privileges may be denied the student for additional violations.
    3. The third misconduct citation may result in suspension of bus privileges for a minimum of three (3) days, depending on the severity of the incident. 
    4. The fourth misconduct citation may result in suspension of bus privileges. In either case, privileges will not be reinstated until such time a conference has been held with the student, the parents, the principal, and a representative from the bus company.
    5. Habitual misconduct may result in permanent suspension from the privilege of bus transportation.

    This procedure will not preclude the right and responsibility of school officials to take other immediate action, as may be necessary in their judgment, for the preservation of good order and specifically for the safety and well-being of others who ride the bus. Suspension from bus transportation does not excuse the student from school attendance.


    1. Parents should review and discuss bus safety and conduct rules with their children. Parental support of the bus driver and the school will help ensure safe rides to and from school for all riders.
    2. Students must be responsible for their own conduct on the bus so that nothing they do will risk their own safety or the safety of others.
    3. Buses depart the schools (7) seven minutes after the dismissal bell in the afternoon. Students are expected to be on the bus at pull-away time at the schools. Students will not be allowed to board the bus after the first bus moves away from the curb.
    4. Know the location of your child’s bus stop. Know the other students waiting at the bus stop. Be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.
    5. Call the bus company or your child’s school if your child does not arrive home on time. 
    6. Contact your child’s principal or assistant principal if there are problems on the bus.
    7. Contact the bus company about bus driver concerns.
    8. Contact the FNSBSD transportation department regarding questions about your child’s bus route or times.
    9. Observe all traffic laws regarding school buses, e.g. stopping for flashing lights, school speed limit zones, etc.


    1. Riding on the school bus is a privilege and not a right.
    2. Inappropriate bus conduct may result in loss of bus riding privilege and/or suspension from school by a school district official. A pupil’s conduct should not jeopardize the health, safety, comfort, or well-being of others, on or off the bus. 
    3. The goal is a safe, pleasant, and enjoyable trip for all riders.

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