• We have moved to Lathrop High School! Our phone numbers are staying the same.

    Hours for 2023-24 School Year:

    Staff 7:15-2:15, Students 7:45-1:45

    The mission of BRIDGE is to assist young adults with developmental disabilities in gaining skills, knowledge and appropriate behaviors to become successful individuals, citizens and workers in the community.

    BRIDGE - Linking School to Life
    BRIDGE assists young adults in gaining skills to become independent, successful citizens and community members.

    Program activities include:

    • Functional and Daily Living
    • Community-Based Experience
    • Social Interaction
    • Recreation and Leisure
    • Vocational awareness and training, as appropriate.

    Provides Reliable Workers:

    • Students are carefully matched to job sites
    • Students are trained on the job site, as well as in the classroom
    • Job assignments are completed with support from BRIDGE staff, as needed
    • Transportation is provided for students to and from job sites

    Employers Invest in BRIDGE by:

    • Providing a job-training site
    • Supporting students in developing employability skills
    • Assisting in evaluating skills on the job
    • Providing a safe, positive work environment

    Employment Sites Past and Present:

    • Pioneer Home
    • Value Village
    • Evergreen Alaska Mortgage Corporation
    • Spinning Room
    • Fred Meyer
    • FNSBSD Warehouse
    • Northland Wood
    • Holiday Station Stores
    • Extended Stay Hotel
    • Anytime Fitness
    • Sentry Hardware
    • Sipping Streams
    • Old Navy
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Mt. McKinley Bank
    • Collective Goods/Books Are Fun

Contact Information

  • BRIDGE Program

    901 Airport Way

    (907) 474-2144

    Roberta Milles
    Special Education Districtwide Teacher
    (907) 474-2144 x12101


    (907) 474-2144 ext 12103



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