Medication Administration in School

  • Administration of medication to students is one of the most common health services provided in schools.  Whenever possible, medication should be administered outside of school hours.  However, many students with mild acute and chronic health conditions need access to medications at school in order to enhance their overall health, stabilize their condition, and promote and support their academic achievement.  School district policy and procedures focus on safe and efficient administration of both prescription and non-prescription medications at school.

    • Prescription medication must be brought to school by a parent/guardian (do not send medication to school with your student)
    • We do not accept medication that is not in the original pharmacy container (ask your pharmacy for a "school bottle")
    • All medication must be picked up by a parent/guardian on or before the last student contact day of the school year, or it will be disposed of. 
    • Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, and TUMS are the only over-the-counter medications that can be given by the school nurse or other trained, designated school staff. Consent can be given on your student's health enrollment in SchoolCare® or by completing a Health History  form.  Parental consent must be given each year. 
    • Over-the-counter medications not listed above can be given when a healthcare provider completes a Request for Administration of Medication and a parent/guardian supplies the school with the medication.

What Parents Need to Know

 Rx Medication
Last Modified on June 3, 2024