• Grants and Partnerships Department

    Connects employees with supplemental resources to advance the school district mission by:


    1. Coordinating Grant Acquisition

    • Facilitate linkages between program planning and funding resources
    • Locate appropriate funding sources aligned with the district mission
    • Prepare and submit competitive grant applications
    • Coordinate the grant review and approval process by the Grant Review Committee


    2. Coordinating Grant Management

    • Provide training and technical assistance for grant managers focused on compliance
    • Assist with the implementation of new grants
    • Monitor implementation of grant projects, grant budgets, and accomplishment of grant objectives
    • Provide training for new and experienced grant managers
    • Act as grant manager during employee transitions
    • Directly manage grant projects, when appropriate 
    • Assist in preparation for grant monitoring/auditing
    • Collaborate with Accounting Services on updating the Guide for Grant Managers


    3. Developing Partnerships

    • Coordinate collaborative agreement review and approval process by the Grant Review Committee
Last Modified on December 13, 2023