Community Flyer Approval Process

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  • Who can submit a flyer? 

    Any community or staff member is welcome to submit a flyer to the Fairbanks School District Community Board for approval. The public relations office does not accept faxed, emailed, mailed, or hand-delivered flyers for approval. 

    How does my flyer qualify for approval in the Fairbanks School District Community Board?

    Your flyer must follow these guidelines:

    • Benefit students
    • Be age-level appropriate
    • It must be clearly written
    • Be sponsored by or partnered with a not-for-profit or government organization
    • It must include the name and contact number or email of the sponsoring organization

    School district policy and administrative regulation 1123.5 set limits on the types of flyers and other information that can be distributed to students or displayed in schools by external organizations.


    My flyer was not approved, what now?

    If your flyer was not approved you will receive an automated email with instructions on what guidelines you are missing. You may edit your flyer to meet our guidelines and submit it again for approval. 

    How do I post my flyer in a school?

    If you would like a physical copy of your flyer posted in schools you must show the front office your approval email received after the flyer was approved, either on your phone or printed out. If you do not have access to your approval email you may pull up the flyer on our digital bulletin board as evidence of approval. Office staff are not required to look up your flyer on the community bulletin board. Office staff will initial your flyer and post it on their designated community flyer bulletin board.


Approval Process

    1. Submit your flyer to our Fairbanks School District - Community Board at least two weeks before you would like to post your flyer.
    2. The public relations department reviews the flyer to ensure it meets district requirements.
    3. If approved, the flyer is posted digitally on our Fairbanks School District - Community Board.
    4. If not approved, you will receive an email with the reason and the flyer may be resubmitted with corrections.


  • District or school-sponsored flyers do NOT require approval by the communications department.

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Last Modified on February 17, 2023