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  • Note: Due to declining district resources, flyer approval may take up to 10 business days.

    School district policy and administrative regulation 1123.5 set limits on the types of flyers and other information that can be distributed to students or displayed in schools by external organizations.

    Please note: district or school sponsored flyers do NOT require approval by the communications department.

    All of the schools provide places where flyers, posters or other printed information about events or activities can be posted. To post a flyer in a school, an organization must first obtain approval from the school district and then drop off approved flyers at the school.

    The public relations office does not accept faxed, mailed or hand-delivered fliers for approval. The flyer must be emailed in PDF format.

Flyer Requirements

  • To be approved, the activity being advertised through the flyer must:

    • Benefit students
    • Be sponsored by or partnered with a not-for-profit or government organization
    • Be age-level appropriate

    Additionally, all flyers must meet the following standards:

    • It must be clearly written
    • It must include the name and contact number or email of the sponsoring organization
    • It must be sent in PDF format

Approval Process

    1. Email your flyer to in PDF format at least two weeks before you would like to post your flyer.
      Note: Due to declining district resources, the flyer approval process may take up to 10 business days.
    2. The public relations department reviews the flyer to ensure it meets district requirements.
    3. If approved, the flyer is digitally stamped and emailed back to you. The approved flyer may be printed and distributed to schools.
    4. If not approved, the public relations department will email you with the reason and the flyer may be re-sent with corrections.

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Last Modified on March 16, 2020